I just finished up with my part of the rewrites for WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT IN BED, co-written with my dear friend and amazing writer Cynthia Gentry. I thought these rewrites were going to take much longer than they did…but the process wasn’t too bad at all.  I’ve also read Cindi’s rewrites so far and have to say they are fantastic.  But then, I expect no less from my talented pal.  I don’t think I’ve read anything by her, fiction or non-fiction, that isn’t engrossing and at a very professional level.  Plus she’s a wine lover too, so what’s not to like?

I also have finished my posts for Make Mine Mystery (up tomorrow, which is Sunday), Fatal Foodies (up Monday, which is the day after tomorrow), and The Book Wenches (up April 3rd, which is next Friday).   I’m ahead of the game instead of scrambling to get something up three hours after I should have posted.   It’s a good feeling…and an increasingly rare one these days.

Next up on my plate is assembling the posts for the Ravenous Romance Dirty Dozen Blog Book Tour, 14 stops of erotic romantic fun starting mid-April and wrapping up on May 2nd.  Deets to follow as I get this puppy scheduled!  I’m about halfway there and now I have an extra day (tomorrow) to make some headway!  Wheee!!!!

I also have a new blog to add to the list – this is the Ravenous Romance author blog.  Not the one on the RR website, but a new one here.

Aside from the writing, you ask?  Well, it was gorgeous here in San Francisco this morning, so I went for a two hour walk on the beach.  I wore a sundress and got color on my arms and shoulders, collected some prime pieces of beach glass, and then enjoyed the sight of the mist rolling back in to semi-shroud the shore and Outer Sunset District.  It’s sunny again now, but I’m sure the fog will be back.  I love this weather.

Now I’m going to have a glass of Brutocao 2005 Reserve D’aregenta Pinot Noir, watch Tom Cruise get sucked into the anus of an alien warship (War of the Worlds, if you must ask) and work on CHAMPAGNE, my next book for Ravenous Romance.  I feel…relaxed.  I like the feeling and hope I can keep it around for a while.

Angry Torso is Back!


But this time…he’s going to print!

Yup, Ravenous Romance is releasing a selection of their best-selling books in print format, to be available in approximately a month and RIPPING THE BODICE is one of them.  If this goes well, other RR titles will also go into print.  I’m delighted because now I can add RtB to my coffee table collection of my books where I’ll be able to look at Angry Torso Man whenever I want!

Kudos to April Martinez, Ravenous Romance’s cover artist, btw!

Angry Torso

It has been pointed out to me that I have had the angry male torso up on my blog for over a week now.  I personally think he looks more irate than angry, but it’s all subjective.  He has been there for a while, looming over the clueless gal reading her romance book while I’ve been trying to function with what has basically been a nine day migraine, held at bay by medication which makes me tired and depressed.  Can I hear an “ugh?”  UGH!! 

I’ve had a couple of days nearly headache free, but then the bahstid headache would sneak back, like it did this morning around 4am.  It’s made it impossible to write – every time I’ve sat down in front of my computer to work on  post or my WIP or even an email of more than a paragraph, my brain freezes up and nothing comes out.  Creative constipation of sorts.  

I DO have some very good news to share…but it involves the angry torso being up again.  So I’ll post that tomorrow.  In the meantime, anyone with good suggestions for how to break the cycle of rebound migraines and stress-exacerbated hormones, please weigh in!  Suggestions that don’t cost a lot of money, though.  It’s all going to feed the kitties.




Just When I Started Getting Sulky…

…about lack of time to do online promotions for my books, I got an email from Teagan at Bookwenches.com that they’d reviewed Ripping the Bodice.  Just the pick-me-up I needed for the day!  Here’s a brief excerpt:

“If you’re looking for a big dose of fun to go along with your romance, look no farther than Inara Lavey’s novel Ripping the Bodice. This story positively sparkles with wit and humor that will keep the reader laughing all the way through and wondering what on earth could possibly happen next.”

Click here to read the rest, and join me in my happy dance!  🙂

Two More Good Reviews for Ripping the Bodice

And Dana/Inara do (does?) a happy dance!

First, an excerpt from Nixy Valentine:

“The book is peppered with dreams and daydreams in which our romance-loving protagonist perpetually indulges.  Each one more silly than the last, and they get downright funny when Cassandra’s “real life” begins to intrude upon her fantasies. The story is one of personal growth and the conflict between fantasy and reality, and is cleverly written with wit.”

Click here for the full review.

And from Moira with The Girls on Books:

“As my first introduction to Ms Lavey’s writing, I am impressed. The story was lighthearted and fun, full of witty comments and charm. “

Click here for the full review.

Please leave comments at these blogs.  I really appreciate the time and thought that went into both interviews and want to send traffic their way.

And now back to work on Champagne…