Two More Good Reviews for Ripping the Bodice

And Dana/Inara do (does?) a happy dance!

First, an excerpt from Nixy Valentine:

“The book is peppered with dreams and daydreams in which our romance-loving protagonist perpetually indulges.  Each one more silly than the last, and they get downright funny when Cassandra’s “real life” begins to intrude upon her fantasies. The story is one of personal growth and the conflict between fantasy and reality, and is cleverly written with wit.”

Click here for the full review.

And from Moira with The Girls on Books:

“As my first introduction to Ms Lavey’s writing, I am impressed. The story was lighthearted and fun, full of witty comments and charm. “

Click here for the full review.

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And now back to work on Champagne…

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