A Nice Surprise for Inara

And for me as well, of course!  One of my Google alerts brought up this link to Blood Red Pencil and I found a lovely little review of Ripping the Bodice by author  Charlotte Phillips, along with recommendations for some other fun reads for adults. All of which I plan on checking out, along with Charlotte’s books!  Unlike many of my fellow authors, the thought of an expanding To Be Read pile fills my heart with joy and anticipation rather than dread.  I loves to read, I does…  

A little info on Charlotte while we’re here: 

 Charlotte Phillips is the co-author of the Eva Baum Detective Series, 2009 President for The Final Twist Writers Group and contributor to multiple blogs. Learn more about Charlotte and her books here!

Thank you, Charlotte for a lovely and unexpected treat on this rainy Friday!  

Just When I Started Getting Sulky…

…about lack of time to do online promotions for my books, I got an email from Teagan at Bookwenches.com that they’d reviewed Ripping the Bodice.  Just the pick-me-up I needed for the day!  Here’s a brief excerpt:

“If you’re looking for a big dose of fun to go along with your romance, look no farther than Inara Lavey’s novel Ripping the Bodice. This story positively sparkles with wit and humor that will keep the reader laughing all the way through and wondering what on earth could possibly happen next.”

Click here to read the rest, and join me in my happy dance!  🙂