Time to Wake Up!


“Dana… Dana, the alarm went off a year ago…  time to wake up!”

Actually this picture would be more accurate if the prone woman was draped with felines. But close enough to how I feel in terms of putting a lot of my life on hold during the last however many months while working on what was my WiP, but is now finished so I can’t call it that any more.  Now it’s my novel off to the editors waiting for whatever decisions are to be made.

I hate waiting.

But during this time of All Work and No Play Make Dana a Boring Person, I didn’t get a lot of other things done.  One of the tasks I totally neglected was updating the events page on my website.  To look at it, I’ve been one lazy writer/promoter during 2010.  Well, not so!  I’ve just been a lousy web-page updater.   So to prompt myself to get it updated in retrospect (gaze upon my past glories, all who visit!) and add events still to come, I figured I’d get it down in front of me in a post, thus accomplishing another task I’ve been really bad about doing regularly.  That being posting.

 So, over the last eight months I have:

A SinC panel for an AAUW fundraiser at the San Jose Historical Park. The event took place in an old firehouse and was an absolute blast.  With me on the panel were Kelli Stanley and Penny Warner.

A panel at A Great Good Place for Books in Montclair with Janet La Pierre, Diana Orgain, and PennyWarner.

A presidential face-off at the Concord Library for their Mystery Sunday between me (current president of SinC NorCal) and Simon Wood (current president of MWA).

A Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues panel at the West Hollywood Book Fair with editor Loren Rhoads, Del Howison (owner of the fabulous Dark Delicacies Bookstore), and JD. (Here’s the link to the wonderful MC book trailer!)

Another MCCtB panel at Pegasus Books with A.M. Muffaz, Allegra Lundyworf, and Darren Mckeeman.

A fantabulous evening of entertainment at the Hypnodrome with the Thrill Peddlers and a slew of MC authors: Jill Tracy, William Selby, Gravity Goldberg, Dana Fredsti, Russell Blackwood reading M. Parfitt, and Will Freitas reading Frank Burch.  (Note: If I don’t have a link to an author, it’s because I don’t currently have their website info!) 

An interview for Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues here

A reading with co-author Cynthia Gentry at the Center for Sex and Culture from our book Secret Seductions (I wrote under the name Roxanne Colville for this one).

A WOMBA book event at West Portal Books for Secret Seductions.

And a couple of other events I can’t find the info for.  Sigh.  See what happens when I put things off?!  Looking at my website, I haven’t even managed to get the two books I co-wrote with Cynthia up there yet.  That would be Secret Seductions and What Women Really Want in Bed, btw.

Finally, coming up in October I’ll be at Bouchercon by the Bay, Oct. 14th-17th.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve got at the moment.  But looking back at the last 12 months, I’d say I’ve kept busy.  I just sort of kinda forgot to mention it.

And now to very nicely ask my lovely Web Mistress Leslie to transfer this to the Word on the Street page of my website…

Fang Bangers Released Today!

Hot off the presses from Ravenous Romance!!!!






FANG BANGERS collects 14 hot stories of fanged and clawed love and lust – Vampires loving shape shifters, werewolves lusting for fairies and every creature imaginable with the girl next door!It’s a collection of the ultimate taboos.

Erotic super star Cecilia Tan gives us some Vampire BDSM, New York Times best-selling author Lois Gresh gives us a clawed creature of unique proportions and propensities, and Gina McQueen (New York Times best-selling author John Skipp in drag) shows us some new werewolf tricks.

And more importantly from my perspective, my alter ego Inara LaVey and her boyfriend Kilt Kilpatrick both have stories in Fang Bangers as well, along with our friend Rebecca Leigh!  Click on the book cover for more information! 

Special Guest Isabel Roman!

I am delighted to open the Den back up with special guest Isabel Roman as part of her blog tour for her latest book in her Dark Desire of the Druids series: Sex and Subterfuge. You may already be familiar with Isabel and her work from Ravenous Romance or her frequent appearances on Un:Bound. If not, you’re in for a treat!

First, a little about Sex and Subterfuge:

A master magicker, Morgana Blackthorne has a tenuous hold on her following. When a strange Englishman arrives on her doorstep with news of other druidic magickers, and magicker problems, she’s intrigued but suspicious. There hasn’t been contact between the American and European druids in over a hundred years. Plus she has her own worries and doesn’t need the handsome earl adding to them.

Lucien, Earl of Granville, left England to seek out the Blackthorne Druid line and discover what they’ve been up to since contact was lost. Once he and Morgana meet, their mutual attraction distracts him from his purpose.

Embroiled in her problems, he finds himself more concerned with her welfare than is practical for a passing affair.

When I invited you into my bed, it never occurred to me I wouldn’t want you to leave.

There are darker forces at work and the hunger of a weak magicker desperate for power. Will Lucien convince Morgana of his true feelings before things spiral out of control? Or will the surrounding subterfuge tear them apart?

 And now, please welcome Isabel as she talks about why she writes historicals! 

Why do I write historicals? You bring up a good question. I could go with the easier and infinitely more boring: “I love history” answer, but it has more to it than that.You can do a lot with an historical you can’t with a contemporary. Morals and norms were different than today, stricter, harsher, what we might call more narrow minded but they considered enlightened. Plus there were the things that make us who we are today.

History is filled with fascinating things, and often it’s a war, a conflict, a decision that sparks an idea for a story. I say it all the time, but the History Channel really is filled with wonderful little tidbits. By taking the society and putting in something as modern-sounding as ‘romantic suspense’ or ‘paranormal’ or ‘mystery’ and making it historical adds a layer to the story.

Can’t pick up the phone and find out if your dear friend is really departed or not! Can’t check those bank cameras to see who accessed your ATM and cleaned out your account. Can’t call 911 but have to scream for help and hope someone who actually is going to help appears.

Instant access for them was days of travel or Morse Code over the telegraph. The telephone didn’t connect everywhere and even then those pesky operators could overhear everything.

Fastest mode of travel? Steam power-trains and ships went so much faster than they did even a decade before, but it still took days or even weeks to reach your destination. News? Again, think telegraph; but finding out what happened as it was unfolding only really worked if you were in the center of the action.

Mentality: there’s a reason the US spans the continent and it’s called Manifest Destiny. Sure, you can disagree with it all you want now, but when Americans were pushing west, they believed they had a right to do so. Same for any power: any European nation, Russia, China, Japan, India, Ottoman Empire. Might really did make right and whether or not you agree with the politics behind it, that thought process shaped the world we live in today. Spawned more than a few wars, too.

Rights and freedoms: Each right and freedom we enjoy now was won only through long hard fighting. Women didn’t get the right to vote until the 1920s, so writing about a strong and in-charge heroine in the 1820s requires tweaking. And limiting. She couldn’t really be in charge of the company-but the woman behind the power is always a great story!

Thank you, Isabel!  And everyone, please join the discussion!  One random commenter on Isabel’s tour will receive a Vice Versa beaded fashion purse, a summer shawl, and a box of Godiva chocolates!  

Read Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex & Subterfuge available now in bookstores! And be sure to check out Isabel’s free story!

4.5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews: Isabel Roman has stepped up the action in this second book of her series. The characters are all well defined and multi-faceted. Morgana is a strong woman, but one who is willing to give all to those she cares deeply for….I also appreciated the research that must have gone into this book to make everything so true to the time period. I respect the author’s time taken to get it right.

4 Stars from Love Romance Passion: Do you like jealous heroes and love triangles? How about sizzling sexual encounters atop of dining room furniture? If you answered yes to either question, you’re going to love this novella. I’m also recommending it, if you enjoy reading paranormal romance, historical, or erotica.