Plague Nation Launch Party!!!

Plague-Nation-cover WHEN:  Tuesday, April 9th, 7:30pm PST

WHERE:  Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach
2810 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, California 90278

I’m going to be traveling south and celebrating the release of my second Ashley Parker novel at the amazing store Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach. They know how to do book events and I am so thrilled to be having the launch event there! I hope you can make it!

When the brain is too fried to come up with posts…

MFH-new-cover ... Post book covers!  Yeah, that’s the ticket! So presenting the cover for my new eBook version of Murder for Hire: The Peruvian Pigeon, my very first published novel.  I thought I’d try my luck with the eBook rights and dabble my toes in the waters of self-publishing with the help of the lovely and talented Judi Fennell, writer and format queen extraordinaire.

  I have been in a serious fog/funk/OMG, my deadline is past type mindset the last few months and posting has not been much of an option for my already overtaxed gray cells.  I also find Facebook makes me lazy; why write an actual post when you can spit out a few sentences here and there or share cute cat pictures? Bam!  Immediate gratification with little, if any, thought.

I think I fried my brain a little during the publicity blitz for Plague Town.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast writing posts and doing interviews for the book, and I’d do it again (I certainly hope to do it again for Plague Nation!) in a heartbeat. But between doing book events for Plague Town, writing Plague Nation, and dealing with a mangy Plague Dog at home… well, it’s been a Plague-filled time, with shape-shifting jaguar shamans thrown in for variety( Fixation for Ravenous Romance).

Did I mention I have a full time day job too ? Not too unusual for a writer these days. Very few of us have the life of leisure many people imagine belongs to published authors.  Hell,the writers I know fortunate enough to write as their day job don’t have lives of leisure because they’re too busy writing their butts off (there’s an image for ya) to make their deadlines.

Sometimes the writing comes easy.  My muse is close by, doing that thing that muses are supposed to do . Y’know, be all inspirational and help the words flow.   Most of this year, though, my muse has been off on vacation, no doubt knocking back copious amounts of champagne while lounging in the sun somewhere. So I’ve been hacking my way through an overgrown jungle of prose, plot and characters, trying to clear a path to the end of book two, with little if any help from my lazy-ass, champagne-o-holic muse.  And … I think I’m nearly there. 

I sure  as hell hope so ’cause when I’m too tired and frazzled to even post cute animal pictures, it’s definitely time for a change. 

Now I wonder if I buy a bottle of Veuve Cliquot if my muse could be tempted back to San Francisco from whatever tropical island she’s using as a retreat…  

Cynthia and Dana on Playboy Radio!

That’s right, tomorrow (Monday, May 17th) at 1pm PST, we will be talking about our newly released book WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT IN BED!  Got questions?  Call in!

Feel free to tell your friends and fans to call in to the show
1 (877) 205.9796

Show can be heard by SIRIUS and XM radio subscribers.
Playboy Radio SIRIUS and XM 99, between the hours of
11am and 3pm PST.

Visit <> for more information.

Definitely under the category of WTF?!!!!

Received via email today:


Dear Cynthia & Dana,
Greetings from Religious Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Living Word
Publishing Ministry here in Nigeria . A member of the Christan books
sellers association of Nigeria ,(cban).We are highly committed to
printing and distributing of Christian and Motivational books in
Nigeria and some West African Countries.

After going through your web address, we came across your books with
great potentials and we wish to inform you that we are interested in
the books and therefore, officially solicit for your permission to
reprint and distribute in Nigeria . However, let us know your
condition[s] attach if any.
The books

1,What Men Really Want In Bed by Cynthia W. Gentry

2,What Women Really Want in Bed by Cynthia W. Gentry

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. Expecting to here from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Osunde

Contact us at
Religious Broadcasting Inc.,
10 owseni street off mission Road,
Benin City , Edo State , Nigeria


I’m Being Interviewed Tonight!

That’s right, my first radio interview!  I’ll be talking to Phoebe Jordan on her Blog Talk Radio show, “Talk About My Favorite Authors.”     The times are: 6-7:30pm PST/8-9:30pm CST/9-10:30pm EST.  The call in number if you have questions you’ve been dying to ask me is:

(347) 857-2123

 Go to the link above for more information and I hope to see…er…hear you there!  

Hungry For Your Love released today!


Looking for some romance?  A fan of zombies?  Interested in seeing how the two genres combine?  Check out Hungry For Your Love at Ravenous Romance!   This unique anthology includes stories by yours truly (that’s me, writing under my own name this time), Kilt Kilpatrick, Isabel Roman, Brian Keene, and John Skipp…er…I mean, Gina McQueen.  Who we think is John Skipp in drag!  And plenty of other authors whose work I can’t wait to devour…  

Sorry… I had to say it.   

Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues!



Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues: True Stories of the Unsavory, Unwise, Unorthodox, and Unusual collects 40 stories from the cult nonfiction magazine, Morbid Curiosity.  These are the editor’s favorites about growing up Mormon in the bathtub of the dead, assisting a friend’s suicide, attending a Black Mass, and much more.  The book includes stories from all ten issues of the magazine, leaning heavily toward the early out-of-print issues. See what you’ve missed! or




You can get a taste of the book through the Morbid Curiosity book trailer:




There are a slew of book release events planned, from radio interviews to an enormous party at Borderlands to a crossover event between the Thrillpeddlers and the most scandalous contributors to Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues.  There will even be side trips to Half Moon Bay, Berkeley, and Seattle.  All the tour information is up at




Friday, October 2 – 8 p.m. reception, 8:30 reading.

Stories Books and Café in LA hosts the first Morbid Curiosity event.  Editor Loren Rhoads will discuss and read from the new book.  Please join her for complimentary beer and wine. Stories Books and Café, 1716 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.  More information at 213.413.3733 or


Saturday, October 3 – 6-9 p.m. Opening Reception & Book Signing

To celebrate the publication of Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues, Loren gathered prints, photographs, and original artwork to showcase her favorite images from the book and magazine.  Featured artists will be Hugues Leblanc, Dorian Katz, M. Parfitt, Suzanne Dechnik, Erik Quarry, Mike Hunter, R. Samuel Klatchko, Chris Schnapp, and Timothy Renner.

Chaos Gallery at the Museum of Death, 6301 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 323.466.8011×6-w-trim.jpg


Sunday, October 4 – 11:50-2:00

West Hollywood Book Fair panel and signing, hosted by Del Howison of Dark Delicacies, featuring Loren Rhoads, Michael Hemmingson, Dana Fredsti (me!), and a special guest.

West Hollywood Park • 647 N. San Vicente Blvd • West Hollywood • MAP.  Venue information:

And if you’ll notice on the ginchy poster, we are having the book release party on October 20th at the Hypnodrome Theater in San Francisco!  If you’re a Bay Area local and love the unusual, please come to the party!



If you are a member of any online book clubs, you can rate the book and help us by drawing attention to it:


I’m very excited to see this book in print and not just because one of my essays is included! Check out the table of contents!  My personal fave, btw, is Souvenir of Hell by Brian Thomas.   




Editor’s Introduction
Morbid Curiosity Changed My Life by Loren Rhoads

Childhood’s End: Growing Up Morbid
Why by M. Parfitt
You Lock it Behind You by Lee Smith
The Barbie Wrecking Yard by Michael Hemmingson
The Fruit of All Evil by John A. Domeier
Gilding the Afterlife: My Pubescence in the Bathtub of the Dead by Dean Estes
This is a Very Old Scar by Dorian Katz
The Road of Life by Simon Wood

Far From Home: Morbid Curiosity on the Road
Souvenir of Hell by Brian Thomas
Happy Trails in Southeast Asia by Jessica Eisner
Museum Pieces by Julia Solis
Amsterdam by Christine Sulewski
Dragon’s Teeth by Claudius Reich
Holiday in Genoa by Daniel McQuillan
Tracking the Zodiac by Darren Mckeeman

Gainful Employment: Morbid Things People Do for Money
Hell on Heels by Dana Fredsti
Blood Gags by Frank Burch
The Jumper and the Crabs by Kalifer Deil
A Night in the House of Dr. Moreau by R. N. Taylor
Brain Salad Surgery by Seth Flagsberg
Another Day, Another Dead Guy by Kim Poeppey-Del Rio
Halloween Hell by Mary Ann Stein


Curious Behavior: the Morbid Catchall Category
Prelude and Fugue State for Roadkill (An Accident Report) by William Selby
Thanksgiving at Bel’s by Mehitobel Wilson
Feed by Katrina James
The Black Mass by Gravity Goldberg
The Pain of Art vs. the Art of Pain by Christopher R. Bales
Be Careful What You Ask For… by Vance Yount
The Bomoh by A. M. Muffaz

Medical Adventures: Morbid Medicine
Killing Max by JD
Slippery Little Devil by T. M. Gray
DIY Urology by Geoff Walker
Donating My Body to Science by Wm. Rage
Needles in the Spine by Dalton Graham
Man-o-gram: Guys Shouldn’t Give Milk by Maurice G. Broaddus

Beyond Death: Exploring Behind the Curtain
Finding Paul by George V. Neville-Neil
In Grandpa’s House by Trilby Plants
Going into Tombs by Hugues Leblanc
Love Among the Tombs: Adventures in Forensic Anthropology by Leilah Wendell
Grandmarama by Allegra Lundyworf
The Keeper of the Shop by Jill Tracy

Epitaph: the Final Word on Morbid Curiosity
The Mortician’s Gift by Loren Rhoads


Virtual Writers’ Conference!

Color me embarrassed, but I forgot to post about this earlier!  I’m part of a virtual writers’ conference being put on by the lovely and talented Gayle Trent, author of Murder Takes the Cake (highly recommended by Yours Truly!).   Authors, editors and agents share war stories and advice at this cost free, cyber-conference.  To quote Gayle’s introductory speech, “So while we will not be serving food, what we will be serving up is plenty of helpful information and advice. This advice will come from authors, journalists, freelance writers, columnists, editors, publishers and agents. Two agents are seeking new clients. Come back on Friday for more information on those agents and the types of manuscripts they’re looking for.”   For the rest of her intro, go here.

My article is here, but I encourage you to read all of the posts and check back later for new ones!  In the archives are fun and informative articles on the editing process, fan fic, writing YA, and much more!

Taking a Break from Erotic Romance, back to my Mystery roots!

Tuesday night I participated in a mystery writer panel along with fellow authors Ann Parker (Silver Rush mysteries), Mark Coggins (August Riordan series) and Camille Minichino (Periodic Table mystery series) at the Castro Valley Library.

To the right are me and Ann, while below Ann and I listen in evident fascination to Mark.  And below that you can see throngs (yes, that’s right!  Throngs!) of audience members coming up after the talk to buy copies of our books.  That’s Camille at the far end of the table, btw.  All in all a very satisfying event!