Angry Torso is Back!


But this time…he’s going to print!

Yup, Ravenous Romance is releasing a selection of their best-selling books in print format, to be available in approximately a month and RIPPING THE BODICE is one of them.  If this goes well, other RR titles will also go into print.  I’m delighted because now I can add RtB to my coffee table collection of my books where I’ll be able to look at Angry Torso Man whenever I want!

Kudos to April Martinez, Ravenous Romance’s cover artist, btw!

12 thoughts on “Angry Torso is Back!

  1. Trumpets,drums and flashes of Light!!!!!!
    Sorry, I know that’s not exactly what you need on the heels of recovery from a severe migrane, but it’s what your latest news deserves, darn it! You’ve worked hard, with great hopes, under adverse conditions. (Okay, some of those “conditions” include cute furry babies who can be distractions under the best conditions.)
    But you’ve made it into print again. Now you’ll vbegin to get the wider audience you deserve. Keep us posted. Looks like I’ve got another book to add to me collection. LOL. 😀

  2. LOL! It’s okay, Jack, a friend gave me a good massage today and the headache is gone. Thank yo so much for your kind and encouraging words and yes, you TOO will have Angry Torso on your bookshelf! 🙂

  3. Huzzah, Dana/Inara! I can see the other books on the bookstore shelves fleeing in terror at the sight of Angry Torso Man. Naturally book-buyers will be drawn to the book standing all alone in the empty space on the shelf.

    And I’m so glad your headache is better.

  4. hooray! i actually just sat down today & read the book straight through – loved it 🙂

    and i am also happy the migraine has left the building.

  5. thanks, Other Lisa!

    HAH! I love the image of the other books fleeing from Angry Torso Ma… heeeee….

    Sheina, now you can have a print copy! Thank you for getting the -ebook and I’m so happy you liked it!

    DW, thanks very much! I need an update on Maggie, Mortimer et al…

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