I just finished up with my part of the rewrites for WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT IN BED, co-written with my dear friend and amazing writer Cynthia Gentry. I thought these rewrites were going to take much longer than they did…but the process wasn’t too bad at all.  I’ve also read Cindi’s rewrites so far and have to say they are fantastic.  But then, I expect no less from my talented pal.  I don’t think I’ve read anything by her, fiction or non-fiction, that isn’t engrossing and at a very professional level.  Plus she’s a wine lover too, so what’s not to like?

I also have finished my posts for Make Mine Mystery (up tomorrow, which is Sunday), Fatal Foodies (up Monday, which is the day after tomorrow), and The Book Wenches (up April 3rd, which is next Friday).   I’m ahead of the game instead of scrambling to get something up three hours after I should have posted.   It’s a good feeling…and an increasingly rare one these days.

Next up on my plate is assembling the posts for the Ravenous Romance Dirty Dozen Blog Book Tour, 14 stops of erotic romantic fun starting mid-April and wrapping up on May 2nd.  Deets to follow as I get this puppy scheduled!  I’m about halfway there and now I have an extra day (tomorrow) to make some headway!  Wheee!!!!

I also have a new blog to add to the list – this is the Ravenous Romance author blog.  Not the one on the RR website, but a new one here.

Aside from the writing, you ask?  Well, it was gorgeous here in San Francisco this morning, so I went for a two hour walk on the beach.  I wore a sundress and got color on my arms and shoulders, collected some prime pieces of beach glass, and then enjoyed the sight of the mist rolling back in to semi-shroud the shore and Outer Sunset District.  It’s sunny again now, but I’m sure the fog will be back.  I love this weather.

Now I’m going to have a glass of Brutocao 2005 Reserve D’aregenta Pinot Noir, watch Tom Cruise get sucked into the anus of an alien warship (War of the Worlds, if you must ask) and work on CHAMPAGNE, my next book for Ravenous Romance.  I feel…relaxed.  I like the feeling and hope I can keep it around for a while.

16 thoughts on “Ahhhh…

  1. Hell, girl, I thought my schedule was brutal of late! Never mind a glass of wine, just take the bottle!

    Looking forward to having the Dirty Dozen slinking in to Over Coffee April 27th!

    How very you with the kitty, lmao!

  2. Sounds like a great, productive and fun weekend!

    Now, what exactly is the dif between the new blog and the one on the RR website?

  3. Awwwwwww! That picture just gives me all kinds of warm cuddly feelings. Then you go on to talk about sex, and mystery, and food, and wenches. What an interesting (and productive) life you are living, Miss Dana.

  4. Hope the beach glass glistened exceptionally for you. You will. have noticed that Cruise gave the alien ship the worst case of diarreah I’ve ever seen. Served them right. Yucch!!!
    Good luck with the new book and with Champagne. I have no doubt they will be crackerjack sellers.
    Love that kitty!!! LOL.

  5. Hmmm..>I did not know I was listed under my real name….I’m assuming you mean the RR author blog. Ah well. My secret identity is pretty much blown these days. Not too worried about it, though.

    Bryn, you are heavily quoted in WWRWIB. Just so you know…:-)

    Sia, we are looking forward to slinking over there!

    OL, the difference is that the new one will hopefully get more traffic being on its own than just a little extension of the RR main website. Readers don’t seem to be going to it at all.

    Elizabeth! The picture is adorable, isn’t it? And just how I felt when I realized I could afford to take yesterday off, which I did! Wheeeee!!!

    Jack, I found some choice pieces of beach glass. Ewwwww to the Cruise/alien ship bit. 🙂

    Adele, I’m scanning for sarcasm?…

  6. I think the problem with the blog on the RR site is that the site is so busy you really have to hunt for it more than you should. I really think they ought to look at a redesign. But that might just be me.

  7. Just fixed the Fatal Foodies link, thanks for the heads up! Bad me…

    The author blog thing is a bit obscure on the RR site… I need to post on it, speaking… sigh. No time.

  8. The Pinot was quite scrummy! I let the last couple of glasses sit in the bottle a bit too long, but it was still tasty!

  9. Morgan, how many blogs do you contribute to a day? You put me to shame!

    Heh. Helen, the kitty is what draws you in to my web of evil….

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