In this anthology, six horror authors revisit some of their most infamous zombie characters, resurrecting the undead.

Contributing authors to Z Resurrected are some of horror’s best, who have each carved a distinct path in the world of zombies: Dana Fredsti, Tom Leveen, Joe McKinney, Eric A. Shelman, Mark Tufo, and T.M. Williams.


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NOTE: My story Pinky Swear is now available as a standalone eBook! Join Ashley, Griff and JT as they go on a dubious rescue mission across San Francisco. The story takes place shortly after the events of Plague World.  

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Horror Anthology 2015

The best and brightest in independent horror, collected here and now for your reading pleasure! 

Stories include: 
Chokepoint by Jonathan Maberry 
You’ll Never Be Lunch in This Town Again by Dana Fredsti 
Death Bringer Jones by Thomas M. Malafarina 
Kitties and Zombies, Oh My! by Catt Dahman 
Pleasure Island by Wesley Thomas 
Regret by Amanda M. Lyons

You’ll Never Be Lunch in This Town Again follows a first time director as he tries to finish his masterpiece during a zombie outbreak. First published in Mondo Zombie (Cemetery Dance).

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