Angry Torso

It has been pointed out to me that I have had the angry male torso up on my blog for over a week now.  I personally think he looks more irate than angry, but it’s all subjective.  He has been there for a while, looming over the clueless gal reading her romance book while I’ve been trying to function with what has basically been a nine day migraine, held at bay by medication which makes me tired and depressed.  Can I hear an “ugh?”  UGH!! 

I’ve had a couple of days nearly headache free, but then the bahstid headache would sneak back, like it did this morning around 4am.  It’s made it impossible to write – every time I’ve sat down in front of my computer to work on  post or my WIP or even an email of more than a paragraph, my brain freezes up and nothing comes out.  Creative constipation of sorts.  

I DO have some very good news to share…but it involves the angry torso being up again.  So I’ll post that tomorrow.  In the meantime, anyone with good suggestions for how to break the cycle of rebound migraines and stress-exacerbated hormones, please weigh in!  Suggestions that don’t cost a lot of money, though.  It’s all going to feed the kitties.




7 thoughts on “Angry Torso

  1. Mine are definitely like having a knife drilled in through the front of the eye and forehead. This also reminded me of Bug Bear’s habit of sitting on my head…

  2. I hope you can kick this thing in the butt soon. Until then DON’T worry about us. Just get yourself together as best you can. We’ll be here when you feel better. LOL. 🙂

  3. Wish I knew what to recommend. My daughter used to get them occasionally. What helped her was medication, darkness, sleep and coolness. And NO stress.

  4. Awesome picture – er, maybe gruesome? Cures? Cupla glases of good wine and a romp in the hay mebbe? Oh wait – I forgot – “not now, honey, I’ve got a headache.” (smile)

    Thought maybe some humore would help 🙂

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