Definitely under the category of WTF?!!!!

Received via email today:


Dear Cynthia & Dana,
Greetings from Religious Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Living Word
Publishing Ministry here in Nigeria . A member of the Christan books
sellers association of Nigeria ,(cban).We are highly committed to
printing and distributing of Christian and Motivational books in
Nigeria and some West African Countries.

After going through your web address, we came across your books with
great potentials and we wish to inform you that we are interested in
the books and therefore, officially solicit for your permission to
reprint and distribute in Nigeria . However, let us know your
condition[s] attach if any.
The books

1,What Men Really Want In Bed by Cynthia W. Gentry

2,What Women Really Want in Bed by Cynthia W. Gentry

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. Expecting to here from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Osunde

Contact us at
Religious Broadcasting Inc.,
10 owseni street off mission Road,
Benin City , Edo State , Nigeria


12 thoughts on “Definitely under the category of WTF?!!!!

  1. HA HA HA — they’ll probably ask you to supply a bit of money up front or free books. If they were legit, they’d ask your publisher, But how weird! At least they think good sex is a godly virtue?!

  2. But what could be more Christian or more motivational than providing women with what they really want in bed?

  3. I’ve got nothing nice to say about this Nigerian Scam. Except that it irritates me when it shouldn’t.

  4. ha, yeah I love the idea that you might not have any conditions on them reprinting your books, yes by all means have all the rights and take all the profit. ;p

  5. Sorry I missed this yesterday (or Friday) but I was involved in the SF convention (Conglomeration 2010) this weekend just past. Monday was a day of R and R so I was barely awake yesterday.
    That said, there apparently times when ignorance IS bliss. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! So the Nigerian scammers finally scammed themselves! 🙂
    I believe they must be the NEW religious wave from slightly left of center , first off because they’re view of permitted sexual experience is definitely broader than that of the far right; plus the fact that folk on the far right ain’t the only ones who can’t spell. {How’s THAT for a double negative! ;-)}
    CHAMPAGNE came in, btw, and while it’s not my usual reading matter I made an exception because it’s your work. Can’t possibly support you wothout buying what you produce, can I? 😉
    Seriously you can’t possibly turn out an uninteresting story. All power (and more) to you. Please keep writing and we will keep reading. LOL.

  6. Hi, Jack! I hope you had fun at Conglomoration! Pictures?

    Thanks so much for continuing to support my writing – I know full well where your real love in genre lies and the fact you’ll buy Champagne too does this writer’s heart (and ego) a world of good! 🙂

  7. I don’t own a camera (grrrrrrrr…) but I know some folk who did. I’ll ask around and see what I can scrape up. You’d have loved it, especially the masquerade routine “Who Shot First” ( a hilarious update of the Abbot/Costello routine).
    Your writing deserves all the support it gets. You are damn GOOD lady.

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