Taking a Break from Erotic Romance, back to my Mystery roots!

Tuesday night I participated in a mystery writer panel along with fellow authors Ann Parker (Silver Rush mysteries), Mark Coggins (August Riordan series) and Camille Minichino (Periodic Table mystery series) at the Castro Valley Library.

To the right are me and Ann, while below Ann and I listen in evident fascination to Mark.  And below that you can see throngs (yes, that’s right!  Throngs!) of audience members coming up after the talk to buy copies of our books.  That’s Camille at the far end of the table, btw.  All in all a very satisfying event!

11 thoughts on “Taking a Break from Erotic Romance, back to my Mystery roots!

  1. So happy to hear that you had a moment of glory after the mad dash two weeks ago. (I mean the tour.;-D) Thanks for sharing the pics with us. You look just like the cat who found the cream. LOL.

  2. Nothing warms a publisher’s heart like “throngs” of fans clustered around our author! Thanks so much for sharing, Dana!


  3. Very cool. I love seeing authors pics of their signings and things. We never seem to have anyone interesting in Leicester and going to london is a rare treat.

  4. I love it when they line up to buy books. It makes an author feel so good. Glad you had a good time. I know whoever bought Murder for Hire will love it, like I did. I’m waiting for another of your mysteries to come out, but I know you’re otherwise occupied at the moment.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. I sold a couple of books and just had a really good time! being on a panel with authors who understand the art of sharing time and who are also fun to listen to was just a real joy!

    I think I will work on MFH #2 for a bit… I’ve put in five hours on my RR WIP!

  6. Thanks, Ailurophile! I think I shall call you Ailu for short here. 🙂 I love mysteries too and can’t wait to get back to writing my sequel!

  7. For a second I thought you said “thongs of audience members.” I really have beeen writing about sex for way too long.

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