Two Book Related Announcements!

First of all, I’m happy to announce that today’s Ravenous Romance release is I KISSED A GIRL, Volume II.  My alter ego Inara LaVey’s short story Queen of Swords is included, along with a story by Inara’s honey Kilt Kilpatrick.  In the words of our wonderful editor Regina Perry:  

 I Kissed a Girl, Volume II: A Virgin Lesbian Anthology


Our readers asked for it, and now I’m pleased to present Volume II of first-time lesbian encounters inspired by Katy Perry’s hit song. Seven returning authors continue to arouse, plus six new authors will not disappoint.

This diverse collection travels the globe and the ages. No two settings or circumstances are alike, proving that women from every walk of life and culture are curious and eager to explore their full sexuality. You will be titillated, tantalized and enamored as you journey to Australia, where two long-time friends discover more than friendship; fly to Hawaii, for a language lesson interrupted; stop in Costa Rica, for a massage in a tree house; travel north to Alaska, where strangers connect; across Canada, to discover how co-workers release tension; over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where a concert is more than guitars strumming; close your eyes to wander into a mythical kingdom, where women take charge; voyage to historical Italy, to discover things are not always what they seem; then jet back to the heat of Miami, and be entranced by a goddess; before exploring the rest of the USA to discover: two mothers considering new interests as toddlers sleep; a boyfriend’s ex, who has more to offer than contention; what goes on behind the scenes might be more engrossing than the theatre; and a ghost, full of surprises in a mountain inn.

Join me as we trot the globe and enjoy out-of-this-world experiences. Please come.

 My second announcement is the release of the book trailer for What Women Really Want in Bed,co-written by myself and Cynthia Gentry.

Check it out here!

 Thank you, Bay Area Pictures, for a stellar job!


Time to Wake Up!


“Dana… Dana, the alarm went off a year ago…  time to wake up!”

Actually this picture would be more accurate if the prone woman was draped with felines. But close enough to how I feel in terms of putting a lot of my life on hold during the last however many months while working on what was my WiP, but is now finished so I can’t call it that any more.  Now it’s my novel off to the editors waiting for whatever decisions are to be made.

I hate waiting.

But during this time of All Work and No Play Make Dana a Boring Person, I didn’t get a lot of other things done.  One of the tasks I totally neglected was updating the events page on my website.  To look at it, I’ve been one lazy writer/promoter during 2010.  Well, not so!  I’ve just been a lousy web-page updater.   So to prompt myself to get it updated in retrospect (gaze upon my past glories, all who visit!) and add events still to come, I figured I’d get it down in front of me in a post, thus accomplishing another task I’ve been really bad about doing regularly.  That being posting.

 So, over the last eight months I have:

A SinC panel for an AAUW fundraiser at the San Jose Historical Park. The event took place in an old firehouse and was an absolute blast.  With me on the panel were Kelli Stanley and Penny Warner.

A panel at A Great Good Place for Books in Montclair with Janet La Pierre, Diana Orgain, and PennyWarner.

A presidential face-off at the Concord Library for their Mystery Sunday between me (current president of SinC NorCal) and Simon Wood (current president of MWA).

A Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues panel at the West Hollywood Book Fair with editor Loren Rhoads, Del Howison (owner of the fabulous Dark Delicacies Bookstore), and JD. (Here’s the link to the wonderful MC book trailer!)

Another MCCtB panel at Pegasus Books with A.M. Muffaz, Allegra Lundyworf, and Darren Mckeeman.

A fantabulous evening of entertainment at the Hypnodrome with the Thrill Peddlers and a slew of MC authors: Jill Tracy, William Selby, Gravity Goldberg, Dana Fredsti, Russell Blackwood reading M. Parfitt, and Will Freitas reading Frank Burch.  (Note: If I don’t have a link to an author, it’s because I don’t currently have their website info!) 

An interview for Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues here

A reading with co-author Cynthia Gentry at the Center for Sex and Culture from our book Secret Seductions (I wrote under the name Roxanne Colville for this one).

A WOMBA book event at West Portal Books for Secret Seductions.

And a couple of other events I can’t find the info for.  Sigh.  See what happens when I put things off?!  Looking at my website, I haven’t even managed to get the two books I co-wrote with Cynthia up there yet.  That would be Secret Seductions and What Women Really Want in Bed, btw.

Finally, coming up in October I’ll be at Bouchercon by the Bay, Oct. 14th-17th.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve got at the moment.  But looking back at the last 12 months, I’d say I’ve kept busy.  I just sort of kinda forgot to mention it.

And now to very nicely ask my lovely Web Mistress Leslie to transfer this to the Word on the Street page of my website…

Cynthia and Dana on Playboy Radio!

That’s right, tomorrow (Monday, May 17th) at 1pm PST, we will be talking about our newly released book WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT IN BED!  Got questions?  Call in!

Feel free to tell your friends and fans to call in to the show
1 (877) 205.9796

Show can be heard by SIRIUS and XM radio subscribers.
Playboy Radio SIRIUS and XM 99, between the hours of
11am and 3pm PST.

Visit <> for more information.

Cynthia and I interviewed tonight on Your Time With Kim!

Cynthia and Dana will be interviewed on the radio show Your Time with Kim Iverson on Friday, May 14, at 7pm PT (9pm CT). We’ll be talking about what women REALLY want in bed, surprises from our survey, and the Sexual Techniques Hall of Fame.

Call in with your questions at 1-888-9CALLKIM.

Or just tune in (or download the podcast later) to the following radio stations:
AUSTIN – KAMX (7pm-Midnight)
BUFFALO – WTSS (7pm-Midnight)
DENVER – KALC (7pm-Midnight)
INDIANAPOLIS – WZPL (7pm-Midnight)

MILWAUKEE – WMYX (7pm-Midnight)
MEMPHIS – WMC-FM (7pm-Midnight)
NORFOLK- WPTE (7pm-Midnight)
PORTLAND – KRSK (7pm-Midnight)
WICHITA- KFBZ (6pm-11pm)

Definitely under the category of WTF?!!!!

Received via email today:


Dear Cynthia & Dana,
Greetings from Religious Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Living Word
Publishing Ministry here in Nigeria . A member of the Christan books
sellers association of Nigeria ,(cban).We are highly committed to
printing and distributing of Christian and Motivational books in
Nigeria and some West African Countries.

After going through your web address, we came across your books with
great potentials and we wish to inform you that we are interested in
the books and therefore, officially solicit for your permission to
reprint and distribute in Nigeria . However, let us know your
condition[s] attach if any.
The books

1,What Men Really Want In Bed by Cynthia W. Gentry

2,What Women Really Want in Bed by Cynthia W. Gentry

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. Expecting to here from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Osunde

Contact us at
Religious Broadcasting Inc.,
10 owseni street off mission Road,
Benin City , Edo State , Nigeria