Tour Schedule for Dana and Jess

I am going to be joining fellow mystery writer Jess Lourey on a Northwest Coast tour in May. Jess is the author of the humorous soft-boiled cozy Murder by the Month series, must read books for anyone who appreciates good plotting, solid writing with laugh out loud humor, and engaging, likeable and believable protaganists. Go ye and read, says Dana!

Blog Tour Schedule prior to the road trip:

Tuesday, April 22nd:
– Dana interviews Jess Lourey on Pointless Drivel
– Jess interviews Dana at

Friday, May 1st:
– Jess reviews PERUVIAN PIGEON at GM Malliet’s blog on Amazon.
– Saturday, May 2nd: Jess at Cozy Chicks
– Dana & Jess at Dot Dead Diary

Sunday, May 3rd:
– Jess at Killer Hobbies
– Thursday, May 7th, Dana’s review of AUGUST MOON @ Mysterious Musings
– Saturday, May 10th, Dana at Cozy Chicks

Sunday, May 11th:
– Dana at Killer Hobbies

Coast Tour Dates:

Stay tuned for more additions to their tour schedule!

A Week Without Blogging

Oh, the shame of it!  The stain upon my honor will never be washed from the fabric of the laundry of life.   Nay, there is not enough spiritual spot remover to expunge the…the…er…well…

Never mind.
I didn’t write any posts last week.  At this rate, it will be time for Left Coast Crime 2009 by the time I finish my series of posts about Left Coast Crime 2008.


Last week was one of those ‘got a social event every friggin’ night except Tuesday night’ type of weeks.  And Tuesday night I got a stomach bug.  The weekend was taken up with more social activity; my sister Lisa was up visiting from Venice Beach (one of the cool parts of Los Angeles) and we had a full weekend of beach walking, ferry trips, wine tasting and exploratory drives up the 101 and 116 to the coast.

I did, however, finally finish the prologue for BAD RAP, my current WIP.  Third person is NOT my friend and it took me an inordinate amount of time to hammer it out.  But it’s done, I’m happy, I tasted good wine and took my first ferry ride since moving up to San Francisco.  I haf no regrets!

But I do have a hell of a lot of posting to catch up on.

I’m also doing another mini blog tour in prep for a live (not dead!) signing tour with fellow mystery writer Jess Lourey, author of the hilarious MURDER BY THE MONTH series.   She’ll be promoting her new book AUGUST MOON and I’ll be promoting MURDER FOR HIRE: The Peruvian Pigeon.  To check out our tour stops in the Bay Area to Seattle, starting the Wednesday before Memorial Day, go here.   I’ll be doing an interview with Jess on Pointless Drivel on April 22nd.  Don’t worry, I’ll post a reminder.

Jess and I are planning on a pacifistic Thelma and Louise type drive from San Fran up to Seattle.  Only problem is we both wanna be the Susan Sarandon character.  Which is okay ’cause even though we won’t get laid, we won’t get our money stolen by a sexy drifter either.