Just to get back in the habit…

As my friends and family know, I’ve been buried in work the last few months. Work work and writing work.  I’ve been plowing through the WiP That Wouldn’t Die and have watched two self-imposed deadlines pass by at a speed that’s frightening.  My only social life has been Thursday night wine tastings at Vin Debut and the occasional quick hello to friends, the social equivalent of hit and runs.  And I’m STILL not done with the WiP.  Oh, I can see the light at the end of the zombie-infested tunnel … but there is still work to be completed. 

In August, however, I plan on being back in the blogging habit. Not only here at the Den, but the bi-weekly Ravenous Wednesdays on UnBound, my Monday posts at Fatal Foodies and my bi-weekly Sunday posts on Make Mine Mystery (if the latter two haven’t replaced me in disgust by now). 

I’m hoping to have good news to share in a few weeks, but in the meantime… I write.  I walk on the beach. I play with kitties… and I write some more.  

I miss you, world!!!  See ya soon!


Da Da Done!

I just finished RIPPING THE BODICE, my WIP for Ravenous Romance. I am SO happy to have met my deadline and extremely proud of myself.  Plus I feel like I’ve regained a long lost skill from long ago; the ability to write scenes in my head and lose myself in a world of my creation. I used to spend hours doing this when I was young; it was as vivid as waking dreams and my writing productivity was kick ass too.

Can I just say I had one day this week where I wrote 5,000 words?  Good words too. In the right order and everything.

So look for Ripping the Bodice on the Ravenous Romance website sometime in February under my pen name Inara LaVey!

I am going to drink a glass of Tobin James Fat Boy Zinfandel and celebrate.

Tagged Again…

…but too tired to tag along tonight.  I’m supposed to tell you all six things you might not know about me.  Six interesting and unusual things.  Tonight I feel about as unusual and interesting as a cardboard box.  A plain, boring cardboard box, with nothing written on the sides.  So I’m going to save the Tag challenge until tomorrow, by which time I will have recovered from a weekend writing binge to meet today’s deadline and will hopefully remember all those fascinating factoids that make me a unique and interesting person

In the meantime, go check out Free Spirit, my friend and fellow author, Marvin’s blog.  Marvin.  He who tagged  me and who has already spilled the beans on no less than 12 interesting factoids about himself.  And in the meantime, I will get a good night’s sleep, bask in the glow of having written almost 3,000 word today and having successfully met my latest deadline.

Catching Up

I am continually impressed by bloggers who post every day and always have something pithy/witty/introspective/insightful/entertaining to say.  Doesn’t matter if they have anything major going on in their lives; trivial incidents or thoughts are transformed into fun-to-read vignettes, whereas I have trouble writing about major events in my life.  I haven’t finished writing about Left Coast Crime, which happened back in March, and while I’ve thought about my book tour and stuff that would make good blog fodder, I just can’t get inspired enough to work on it.  Now to give myself a break, I busted my ass working on a ghost writing project with Dave for a friend of ours.  Major deadline, lots of work to be done.  We did it and I’m still a bit burned out.  Plus I will be doing a bit more of the ghost writing and have to rev back up for that.  But other people seem to be veritable writing machines. 

So I guess this post is more about the reasons I’m not caught up than actually catching up.  I’m cranky.  It shouldn’t be PMS, too soon.  Can a gal have pre-PMS?  PPMS?  Right now I just feel like ripping someone’s head off.  I think this is called a burn-out.  Anyway, I’m gonna sip some wine and work on MFH: The Big Snooze for a bit.   The ghost writing will wait till tomorrow night when I’m not so tired nor so grumpy.