Catching Up

I am continually impressed by bloggers who post every day and always have something pithy/witty/introspective/insightful/entertaining to say.  Doesn’t matter if they have anything major going on in their lives; trivial incidents or thoughts are transformed into fun-to-read vignettes, whereas I have trouble writing about major events in my life.  I haven’t finished writing about Left Coast Crime, which happened back in March, and while I’ve thought about my book tour and stuff that would make good blog fodder, I just can’t get inspired enough to work on it.  Now to give myself a break, I busted my ass working on a ghost writing project with Dave for a friend of ours.  Major deadline, lots of work to be done.  We did it and I’m still a bit burned out.  Plus I will be doing a bit more of the ghost writing and have to rev back up for that.  But other people seem to be veritable writing machines. 

So I guess this post is more about the reasons I’m not caught up than actually catching up.  I’m cranky.  It shouldn’t be PMS, too soon.  Can a gal have pre-PMS?  PPMS?  Right now I just feel like ripping someone’s head off.  I think this is called a burn-out.  Anyway, I’m gonna sip some wine and work on MFH: The Big Snooze for a bit.   The ghost writing will wait till tomorrow night when I’m not so tired nor so grumpy.