Ah…Daylight Savings ALL gone…

I don’t know about you, but I am SO glad Daylight Savings is over.  Saturday we set the clocks back an hour, which meant when I looked at the clock Sunday morning and it said 8:00am, it was now really 7:00am, which meant I could quite easily justify snuggling back under the covers with assorted felines and snoozling for another hour.  Sunday seemed to stretch on forever, in the best possible way, with time to walk on the beach in the fog, hang up laundry, do yoga, play with Momma Cat and kittens, and write a lot.   It was a very good day.

Another perk to the end of Daylight Savings is I wake up to the sight of the sun peeking up from the horizon instead of pitch black.  By the time I leave for work, it’s light out.  Well, today it wasn’t exactly light ’cause we’re having rain storms, but you know what I mean…  It’s just so much easier facing a job when it’s light out when I leave the house.  Sure, it’s darker earlier in the evenings, but I can still catch the sunset if I leave work at 4:00.

It really doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.  🙂

Tagged Again…

…but too tired to tag along tonight.  I’m supposed to tell you all six things you might not know about me.  Six interesting and unusual things.  Tonight I feel about as unusual and interesting as a cardboard box.  A plain, boring cardboard box, with nothing written on the sides.  So I’m going to save the Tag challenge until tomorrow, by which time I will have recovered from a weekend writing binge to meet today’s deadline and will hopefully remember all those fascinating factoids that make me a unique and interesting person

In the meantime, go check out Free Spirit, my friend and fellow author, Marvin’s blog.  Marvin.  He who tagged  me and who has already spilled the beans on no less than 12 interesting factoids about himself.  And in the meantime, I will get a good night’s sleep, bask in the glow of having written almost 3,000 word today and having successfully met my latest deadline.


I am back from an all too brief vacation in San Diego and am about to dive into four days of jamming on CHAMPAGNE. I don’t want to lose the momentum gained from the August Blog Challenge and am happy I managed to finish that and also get up a post for September 1st, even if it was a cute photo op post. And I’m sure there will be more of those, but…three a week. That’s the goal.

I barely went near computers while in San Diego. I’m glued to them all day at work, then when I get home. I didn’t have time to see all the people I wanted to while down there, didn’t remember my phone book, and spent a large portion of the trip recovering from a 10 hour drive down Saturday through the evil hell that is the Central Valley. L.A. traffic was as horrid as I remember it being and instead of arriving late morning with several hours of kicking back, we had just enough time for a brief rinse and change of clothes before we were expected at Maureen’s for a dinner party that evening. Saw my brother and his wife, along with their perfect, adorable and above-average in all ways daughter (my niece), who has to be one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met. Pure sunshine nature. I dozed off listening to her burble happily while playing with an old Fisher-Price play castle. Got one very brief surf session in; it’s been long enough that my stamina was for sh*t. But it was fun. Realized I’d forgotten to call or email my friend Pam before coming down and didn’t have her phone number with me and felt (and still DO feel) idiotic about this. Pam, I owes ya big time.

Right. Time to get cracking on CHAMPAGNE. So a more detailed, thoughtful and witty post (I have high hopes for myself, don’t I?) later!