An Experiment

It works!  This is Cootie, purring and making his funny wookie noises while eating.  Turn the sound up high…  

5 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. This is way too precious!!!!
    He sounds like one contented cat. No wonder it’s quieter these days.
    Er…how about ahowing the rest of your babies off: the ones who aren’t leaving the nest? If they’re as cute as Cootie they deserve to be shown at their best–or their worst depending on your point of view.
    LOL. 🙂

  2. All of my babies are on FB, but I don’t have a video camera – my friend Aldyth kindly took the footage of Cootie before taking him to his new home…

  3. Dana, he’s ADORABLE…I love those cool, throaty purry noises he makes! We have a one eyed black and white girl who also makes cute sounds, but they’re more nasal (and frankly, snotty) sounding. We had the vet check her out when we first got her, of course, but he said she was fine, the noises were just a permanent after effect to the injury she sustained and the surgery where they had to take her eye.

  4. Cootie used to sound snottier – he had a horrendous cold for almost two weeks, but now it seems to just be his mega purr. You need to tape your little girl!!!

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