Because of a special promo on Ravenous today…

…check out who’s in the number one slot for the first time? Yes, I am easily pleased with things like this. ūüôā¬† I also got my print copy of Ripping the Bodice from Amazon and it is quite lovely, if I do say so myself!¬† And I do!¬† Love having Angry Torso man cover art on my vanity book shelf at home.

top 10 best sellers

1. Ripping the Bodice
by Inara Lavey
2. The Other Side of Sadie
by Hayden Renier
3. FREE Audiobook Sampler
by Ravenous Romance
4. Whatever It Takes
by Maryn Bittner
5. The Missionary and the Artist
by Adam Michael Perkes
6. The Hitcher and his Ride
by Misty  Malone
7. Bites of Passion: An Anthology of Vampire Erotica
by Cecilia  Tan
8. The Virgin Principle
by Trudy Doyle
9. The Mile High Club
by Ryan Field
10. Lust in Space
by Lisa  Lane