Third Bookish Factoid

I just like saying ‘bookish factoid.’

But that’s not number three.

When I was in grade school, third grade or thereabouts, I wrote a little book of poetry about animals, illustrated each poem and sent it off to a publisher after stapling it in the center into what I thought was proper book binding.   I don’t remember how I chose said publisher, but I DO remember the reply, which was ‘We’d be happy to publish your book for $$$.’

Yes, my first try at publishing, I managed to pick a vanity press.

I sort of remember one of the poems:

“The lion is a kingly beast, but should you chance to tease him,

He’ll likely have you for his feast before you can appease him”

No surprise I gave up writing poetry for prose.

Another beloved childhood book was LITTLE WOMEN and yes, my favorite character was Jo, although I’m sure my sister thought of me more as the Amy type.  I’m watching the Katherine Hepburn version even as I type.