Third Bookish Factoid

I just like saying ‘bookish factoid.’

But that’s not number three.

When I was in grade school, third grade or thereabouts, I wrote a little book of poetry about animals, illustrated each poem and sent it off to a publisher after stapling it in the center into what I thought was proper book binding.   I don’t remember how I chose said publisher, but I DO remember the reply, which was ‘We’d be happy to publish your book for $$$.’

Yes, my first try at publishing, I managed to pick a vanity press.

I sort of remember one of the poems:

“The lion is a kingly beast, but should you chance to tease him,

He’ll likely have you for his feast before you can appease him”

No surprise I gave up writing poetry for prose.

Another beloved childhood book was LITTLE WOMEN and yes, my favorite character was Jo, although I’m sure my sister thought of me more as the Amy type.  I’m watching the Katherine Hepburn version even as I type.

11 thoughts on “Third Bookish Factoid

  1. Not bad for a third grader. Sounds a bit like Lewis Carroll. Were you ever as gangly as Alcott describes Jo? Hard to believe. LOL

  2. Awesome! Just finished the peruvian pigeon and loved it, never suspected for a moment and laughed my ass off when I FINALLY realised it was a mick take of maltese falcon (about the time you spelt it out d’oh). Not at my sharpest today. Anyway, yay and ummm, are there/whenwill there be more?

  3. AH hah! So Toast IS Adele! Got it. I am working on a sequel, just very slowly because of all the Ravenous Romance stuff. I’m so glad you liked it!!

    I’m very pleased to be compared to Lewis Carroll, especially at third grade age!

    Lisa and I were both very precocious with the vocab, Peggy. 🙂

  4. LOVE the way you are milking this Meme game, ZZ – and I agree with some of the others – that was a GOOD poem for a little twerp. Always enjoy your posts, you write about yourself and your life in a special and entertaining way. It’s a gift.

  5. My sister would probably have another word other than ‘precocious’ to describe me, but I’ll take it!

    Little twerp? heh. very true… Thank you, Marvin! I take a break from the Meme today, but will be back on it!

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