Until Ripping the Bodice and What Women Really Want in Bed are Finished…

My posts will be short and sweet, sort of a demented writer’s diary.  Stream of consciousness while I’m taking breaks from figuring out how many different ways to describe various sexual and sensual scenes without getting a: bored or b: boring.

Do manhoods really throb?

How much fire can one nether-region generate?

And how many different words are there for genetalia of both genders without being twee or too crass?

I mean…love button? Manly staff/rod/member?  All throbbing, of course.

My reading research has brought to light that male genetalia throbs when the sexual tension is high, whilst females tend to pulse.  Heat surges into groins willy nilly and nipples harden into buds.  The phrase ‘her nipples stabbed into his chest’ brought a giggle from me.  I mean…ouch!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m having a blast writing my various Ravenous Romance novels and I do think I’ve managed to create some sexy and well written erotic AND romantic stuff.  I’ve also read quite a few excellent and arousing stories and novels.

But stabbing nipples?   Very James Bond villainess if you ask me.

For the record, one of the most erotic scenes ever filmed is the first kiss between Cora and Nathanial in LAST OF THE MOHICANS.  And unfortunately for all you men out there, Nathanial also set our expectations for devotion fairly high.  I mean, we all want a guy who will fight his way through scads of blood-thirsty Hurons to save us from being slaughtered JUST in the nick of time, looking really sexy and hot (and with great hair!) at the same time.  Right, ladies?  I know I do!

Back to the land of erect…well…everything.  🙂