Donate to Help Haiti

The destruction in Haiti from the earthquake is beyond horrific. I don’t know if this is as bad or worse than the 2004 tsunami that devastated Indonesia, but from the pictures it looks like there are very few structures left standing.  It’s been a rough year financially for many of us, but when I compare what I have during the worst of times to what the earthquake survivors have… well, it’s a no brainer to donate something to try and help.  I’m donating to Doctors Without Borders (see the button/link on my sidebar).  This organization already has people in Haiti providing badly needed medical assistance – most medical facilities in Haiti were badly damaged or destroyed in the quake.  To donate, go here (or click on the button on my sidebar) and to keep up with their progress, go here.

Another way to donate via Lisa Brackmann at Paper Tiger  “Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief efforts in #Haiti. It is *that* simple. Learn more here.”

Thanks, Lisa and Nathan Bransford, for supplying the links.