Some people don’t take me seriously…

…when I tell them my brains have been sucked out by kittens.  These people obviously have never been in the room with two five week old kittens who’ve only recently discovered the power of swift (if clumsy) locomotion. Little furry jumping spiders, skittering, hopping and hobby-horsing around the room, up and over low lying obstacles (we have a tall cat tree turned on its side, providing hours of fun tearing around carpeted tunnels), then running over to check out any available human.  Evidently we smell REALLY interesting.

I can literally watch them for hours.  I don’t, of course, because I am a: not home to do so and b: when I am home, have my writing quota, plus our permanent horde of felines needing attention.  But it’s amazing how much time can pass when hypnotized by staring kitten button eyes.

That’s all I got tonight, folks.  I feel the pull of the kittens.

Can’t. Resist!