Some people don’t take me seriously…

…when I tell them my brains have been sucked out by kittens.  These people obviously have never been in the room with two five week old kittens who’ve only recently discovered the power of swift (if clumsy) locomotion. Little furry jumping spiders, skittering, hopping and hobby-horsing around the room, up and over low lying obstacles (we have a tall cat tree turned on its side, providing hours of fun tearing around carpeted tunnels), then running over to check out any available human.  Evidently we smell REALLY interesting.

I can literally watch them for hours.  I don’t, of course, because I am a: not home to do so and b: when I am home, have my writing quota, plus our permanent horde of felines needing attention.  But it’s amazing how much time can pass when hypnotized by staring kitten button eyes.

That’s all I got tonight, folks.  I feel the pull of the kittens.

Can’t. Resist!

14 thoughts on “Some people don’t take me seriously…

  1. No one can resist the pull of the kittens!(Just try it and see what they do…and they can do a LOT!!!)
    You’ve already learned that, even when you have to do something absolutely imperative (like filling your writing quota for the day) THEY will have other ideas. I defy anyone to successfully ignore them.
    Yes they may suck out our brains (and they do) but they give so much more in compensation. If they don’t have kittens in heaven, I ain’t going! LOL.

  2. Ya just gotta love the furry little rug-rubbers. I wanna visit you and your cats one day, Zeez. I have a calico cat named “Snickers.” You’d love her. But then you’re a cat loving kin of a cat yourself (smiles)

  3. You know my theory. Cats (kittens) know ALL the answers to life’s/the world’s problems. They’re just not telling us. Because…well…they think we’re beneath them. We’re they’re pet rocks.

  4. I can’t look at that “Kitten Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day” without cracking up – especially since we get that same look from most of our current brood. Somedays it feels like a remake of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” – except with cats… Anyone remember that hilarious-but-disquieting old “Got Milk?” TV spot with the sweet old grandma with all the hungry kittens?

  5. Oh well, I’d rather be a pet rock to my kitties and have them suck my brains out than not have ’em around!

    I loves them, I do…

  6. one of our cats has expressed its displeasure over our going away for a few days by peeing on the sofa. we are not impressed. it’s still really cute how pleased they were to see us tho.

  7. Wait till you see the newest pictures, Dani. Insidious doesn’t even begin to cover it. And we took picture of the kittens my friend is fostering. Those will be coming up in day or so after Lisa downloads ’em from her camera.

    Cindi, you WILL see the kittens on Saturday if we meet at my house and walk to Java Beach! I hadn’t seen the video yet – that was a hoot! Er…do you and Nima wash each other for treats too? 🙂

    Adele, my heart (and my sofa) go out to you. We keep ours covered with a tarp when we’re not using it. The sofa, not my heart.

  8. Yeah, ours got about half the turkey meat, and it does the same to them as to humans…… snore…mmm…mmm. Lots of napping at our house!

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