My blogroll is sadly lacking.

Jess and I have been looking into possibilities for a blog tour to promote our upcoming kamikaze west coast tour, covering stores from San Mateo to Seattle.  And there are just dozens of really cool blogs out there.  And these are just the ones relating to mystery writing!

So my vow is to add at least one blog a day to my blogroll for the next two weeks.   Reading each of them every day is another story, but I’m going to try and swing by each of them at least twice a week.  It’s hard, though.  I could spend all day noodling on the ‘net, reading other writers blogging about their experiences…and be perfectly content.  However I have about half a dozen guest posts to write before May 1st, not to mention writing up the schedule to post on my website.  And then there are my two pesky WIPs.  Oh yeah…and my day job.  And my nine cats (how I wish it was still 10…), my dog and my boyfriend.

My question to anyone who reads this post is:  how the heck do you find the time to keep up with your blogroll, writing, family, work and life?    ‘Cause I could really use some suggestions here!