Swoops, the Attack Bird

Go here for a highly entertaining and comprehensive blog about the antics of Swoops, Attack Bird of Front Street.

Swoops lives directly across from my office building and we have front row seats to a very entertaining wildlife versus mankind drama every day.  Two of my office mates have been ‘Swooped.’  I’ve wandered the same path without incident.  I wasn’t even aware of Swoops until Tuesday.

Hours of entertainment.  The roar of the crowds that gather when Swoops hits an unsuspecting passerby is reminiscent of audiences at WWF events. He and his mate have garnered quite a following, making news as far away as the U.K.

I’m not sure what the Financial District crowds will do when Swoops’s kids are grown up and he doesn’t have a nest to protect any more…  Maybe gladiatorial combat will make a comeback!