Back from the Cat House

Sigh…It’s been a long time since I was at EFBC/FCC. For those of you who haven’t been with me for the last couple years and seen all the tiger/ocelot/leopard/jaguar pictures, this is the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound/Feline Conservation Center in Rosamond, California.  If you know where Palmdale and Lancaster are, just keep going east on the 14 until you hit the Rosamond Boulevard/Edwards Airforce Base exit and hang a left.  Go a few miles and look for the big green sign with the leaping leopard on it.

I am physically wiped out from the drive, so I’m gonna keep this short…also, I have a very detailed essay about my experiences working at EFBC on my website here.

And even better, here are photos by Nancy Vandermey, rocket scientist, EFBC docent and board member, and photographer extraordinaire, of four new felines: Kali, fishing cat (born at EFBC); OBI, serval (one of our few rescues; Rocco, jaguar (born at EFBC); and Thumper, Canadian lynx.  Both Kali and Rocco are being hand-raised.  Could they be any cuter?  I don’t THINK so…