Happy Anniversary, Ravenous Romance!

That’s right, it’s Ravenous Romance’s one year anniversary!  Or birthday, depending on how you look at at it.   And to celebrate the occasion, all eBooks at Ravenous Romance are 99 cents today!  

I am proud and pleased to have been one of RR’s authors from the company’s infancy.  Holly and Lori have given me the chance to write (and be paid for it) the kind of stuff I enjoyed writing for fun and escapism back in the day.  Now I’m writing for fun, escapism and filthy lucre!  Schweet….

I also love the fact that ideas I came up with years ago (quite literally) have been brought out of the dusty, musty closet of my brain, shaken out, aired a bit to get rid of stale odors, and are being reworked.  It’s like playing with old toys and appreciating them in a whole new way.  I’m a big kid that way, I guess.  

Anyway, congrats to Holly, Lori, and all of my fellow RR authors!!  Here’s to an even better second year!