Well, Dang Me!

My original plan for this post was to give my overdue response to being tagged with the Honest Scrap Award by the lovely Jean Henry Mead, but as I’m running short on time (obligatory holiday party) and just found out something really cool, I’ll tend to my Honest Scraps next post and share something that really perked up my day instead.

Just got word from two people, Other Lisa and Redzilla, about an amazing bit of positive press for Ravenous Romance (this my link-heavy post!) by none other than John Updike, best-selling author of Witches of Eastwick.

The article, written by John Harlow for the Sunday Times, begins with:

JOHN UPDIKE, the American literary lion and renowned writer of sex scenes, has given his blessing to a new online service that e-mails 500-word slices of erotica to women’s mobile phones, The 76-year-old author, whose bestselling novels such as the Rabbit series, Couples and The Witches of Eastwick blend high literature and low sex, has found a protégée in Catherine Hiller, a former writer for Penthouse.

She is the lead writer for a new “ebook” service, Ravenous Romance, for which Updike has written a promotional blurb.

I am in fine company.

Further good news, my short story Succubusted, is currently #2 best-seller in the Ravenous Rendezvous category and #8 best-seller overall.

Both of these things were a much needed pick-me-up.

For the rest of the Sunday Times Article, go here!