Hungry for your Love

Ah, how I love zombies… How DO I love thee, rotting, shambling, flesh-devouring corpses? Let me count the ways!



So I’m delighted to announce that Ravenous Romance’s ground-breaking zombie romance anthology, edited by Lori Perkins, is now available in paperback from St. Martin’s Press! I’m holding a copy in my hands (okay, I’m staring at it ’cause typing with a book in one’s hands is difficult) and it’s truly a thing of grim beauty…and chock full of zombie goodness from such authors as Kilt Kilpatrick, Gina McQueen (John Skipp in a dress), Lois Gresh, Stacy Graham, Brian Keene, Jan Kozlowski, Vanessa Vaughn, Jeanine McAdam, and more! 

Not trying to be all Gilligan’s Island with ‘the movie star … and the rest!’ before they gave Professor and Mary Ann credit  here…but go to the link and check out all the wonderful authors for yourself!  

Available at Amazon and (I hope) bookstores near you!

I am NOT lazy…

I’ve just been busy!  Doing what, you ask?  Posting like a madwoman!  Bwahahahah!!!

So, my lovelies, please join me on Un:Bound for a post from Elizabeth Coldwell on going outside of one’s type and then meander over to New York Bestseller Lois Gresh’s Zombie Lovefest, featuring all the authors from Ravenous Romance’s anthology HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE!