Plague & Pestilence

That’s me!  In the last month I have had a two week long bladder infection; two bouts of food poisoning (or a 24 hour stomach flu that took a 2 day intermission before resuming the show); and now I have a cold.  This cold, not even a slight tickle in my throat this morning, manifested around 11:00 with a slight cough, then turned into full on faucet sinuses within the space of two hours.  What’s next, ebola?

Speaking of pestilence, is this not the cutest little kitten you’ve seen all week?  Okay, all kittens are cute, but little Goblin/Bugbear/Grizzly/The Piranha is MY kitten…so he’s especially cute.  Taz has adopted him as her personal chew toy and cuddle monkey.  I think he

helps fill the Haggis shaped whole in HER heart too. ..Goblin