Evil Kitty…

This is Tsavo, named for the killer lions of Tsavo (watch GHOST IN THE DARKNESS).  He was bottle-fed by yours truly when his mother abandoned him when he was less than a week old.  He is a spoiled rotten, mercurial tempered lion of a cat…and I sat on him by accident Sunday afternoon.  His response was a quick snap and scratch that left a bleeding line down my arm and what looked like a little nick in the forefinger of my right hand.  He was pissed off at me for an hour and I was heartbroken that I’d accidentally hurt my baby.

Well, he got his revenge.  Monday morning my finger was swollen, a nasty little blister above the formerly innocuous bite mark.  Four hours later there was a line of red running up from the finger on the back of my hand towards my wrist. Having been hospitalized for an infected cat bite before, I hightailed it an urgent care doctor and was told in VERY serious tones I was not to use my hand for two-three days.  Nothing.  Nada.  If I did, I was risking permanent tendon or nerve damage.


So for the last two days, I’ve been cradling my injured hand in a sling above my heart, taking Cipro, and relying on the kindness of Dave to feed me, take care of the cats, and do all the housecleaning.  I went to work today (took yesterday off) and pecked emails out with my left hand.  Yesterday I watched half of PRIDE ND PREJUDICE (the mini-series with Colin Firth) and tried not to think of all the writing I had on my plate.  My rapper name would have been Grumpy D.

I probably shouldn’t be typing now, but this is my ONLY typing with my right hand in the last two days and once posted, I’m gonna stop.  I’ll cheat and put up a cute picture for today’s blog challenge post.  Probably a montage of my darling Tsavo…  How can I be mad at a cat who loves books?