Canis Blanketus

 I have many things I need to post about, most notably the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven (Formerly Dirty Dozen) Blog Tour, which is kicking off on April 18th, but because I am on a deadline at work and that will be a link-formatting heavy post, and because I really want to post something new RIGHT NOW, I’m sharing some wild life info a friend sent me.  Thank you, Deb!  

To protect baby while mama is out foraging for food, Canis blanketus  females train their young to lie

motionless for hours at a time.  Unless the baby moves, it is invisible, so seamlessly does it blend into its natural environment.


(And if you can’t wait for me to get my act together to find out more about the tour, go to C. Margery Kempe’s blog here ’cause she’s already got the schedule up and running)