Day 22 – Better Late Than Never…

 Last night I had every intention of writing my post ahead of time, but this plan was derailed first by what was supposed to be a quick stop at Vin Debut, our favorite local wine store and bar in San Francisco, and then by brain-sucking kittens.  We really should have known better re: Vin Debut.  It’s never just a three hour tour.  James, one of the owners, was in and we ended up sitting and talking for at least an hour and having one or two more glasses of wine than intended.  This got us home around 6:30 or so instead of 5:30, and then cats and household had to be tended to, including the second time suck…  Kittens.

What can I say?  When they stare up at you with those wittle faces and start climbing on you and purring and curling up under chins, in the crook of an elbow or on stomachs… This on top of wine equals instant nap time.

So… no writing last night.  Good intentions lie out on the pavement somewhere.

We’ve been on the go today since getting up at 6:30 (waaaahhh!!!) a.m., something that seems just innately wrong on a Saturday.  A quick trip up to Healdsburg, then to the Bullseye Range for May’s Sisters in Crime NorCal meeting.  Sisters with Guns, you betcha!  We had some class time with one of their instructors, who discovered just how many questions a group of mystery and crime writers can come with having nothing to do with gun safety.   Then we did some shooting in their indoor range and I discovered just how much of a kick my snub nose Taurus .38 special has, which is a hell of a lot.  But … but it’s so wee and cute!   I’m happy to say all of my and Dave’s shots except two hit our zombie targets (I love the fact you can buy zombie target sheets), including a delightful grouping of headshots and one right through the mouth (that was Dave’s).  Bite THIS, zombie bitch!

Home now and spending time with cats, kittens and computer.  It’s been a very satisfying day.