Day Four – Blame my mom

Yup, my mumsy sent this to me.  This might lead you to believe that a warped sense of humor runs through our family… and you’d be correct in this assumption.   My mom’s siblings and some of their offspring shared a certain sarcastic, offbeat idea of what constitutes humor, all with individual touches.  

And then there are the women on my dad’s side of the family, many of whom I met for the first time about fifteen years ago on a trip to Norway.   I felt right at home among a bevy of tall, sarcastic cousins.  Who would have thunk sarcasm was an actual genetic trait?  

Day Three – Kittehs!!!

Wee baby kittehs!  These are currently residing in a friend’s bathroom along with their mother, a beautiful gray cat with a kinked tail.  At first we thought her tail had been injured, but then Mo noticed that several of the nine kittens (yup, you read that right…NINE kittens in this litter) have the same kink in their wee little tails.  Momcat has been keeping the kittens in a little ‘hut’ made of foam and fleece; Mo went into the bathroom this morning and found that Momcat had moved her babies out into the bathroom proper.  Wall to wall kittens!  

I especially like the little bruiser with his eyes open, gnawing on his sibling’s paw… Nom nom nom!!!   

Fairy Lights and Feline

 I haven’t been posting for quite a while and it’s time to get back to it, along with the daily writing since I have five impending book deadlines in the next two and a half years.  So to this end, I’m going to start with an exercise that my friend Dani at Blog Book Tours does in her classes on how to create a viable blog: write a post a day, no matter what the content.  It could be a photo, an observation, a review… the point is just to post some content on your blog every day for a month.  To start I’m posting a photo I took with my iPhone of my new fairy lights strung on the kitchen window and coiled inside a mosaic crackle glass jar on the table.  Bug Bear decided it was a great place for a photo op, so…. here you go!