Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

I survived the week and am alive.  ALIVE!!!  Picture Dr. Frankenstein standing over me screaming, “It’s alive!” and you have the right idea.  It’s Friday and while I have a busy day at work, it’s an unpacking/sorting/organizing sort of day, which is just the thing when you don’t want to have to think too hard.  We also have a massage therapist coming today as a treat for the team and I have a half hour massage after all of this lugging/sorting/etc.  Sweet!

And today, of course, is my favorite holiday, Halloween.  And tonight our friends Aldyth, Brad and Maureen are coming over to watch scary movies (well, Zombie Strippers may not be scary, but it should be entertaining and hey…zombies!) and hand out candy if we have any trick-or-treaters.  I’m making jack-o-lantern shaped pasta and we have Zombie Zinfandel to serve with it.  Works for me!

We don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, which is a shame. It’s mainly families so I would think they’d be out and about, but for whatever reason our street is devoid of them.  Bums me out because I love looking at all the adorable little rugrats in their costumes.  Nothing cuter than a butterball toddler bundled up in a furry lion or ladybug costume.  My brain melts when I see them, just the same way it melts when I look at kittens. 

In Glendale, Brian and I used to have mobs of trick-or-treaters.  We’d decorate the front porch, Brian would wear costumes and lurk in the shadows to give the kids a good scare (the teenagers trying to be tough cracked me up; hard to be tough after you’ve screamed like a five year old girl), and we’d play Night of the Living Dead loudly in the living room.  My new Halloweens in San Francisco are different and it took me a while to reconcile myself to the changes, but this year promises to be a good one. 

My favorite Halloween, though, was the year Beezle showed up.  Halloween of 1996.  Brian finished carving the jack-o-lantern into a grinning cat face, set it out on the porch and lit the candle.  I heard a loud ‘Doh!!’ and went outside to see what happened.  Brian pointed to the bottom of the porch stairs.  I looked and saw the tips of little black ears, then big gold eyes followed by nose, whiskers and the rest of a tiny black kitten.  The brain melting commenced as the kitten crawled up the steps straight to my feet.  I scooped him up and Brian said, ‘well, hey there, little Beelzebuddy!’  He started purring and that is how Beezle came into my life.  I have a pictures somewhere of him sitting in the jack-o-lantern after we took the candle out looking as cute as any Halloween card kitten; I wish I had it to post here today.

Beezle is now a grumpy 12 year old alpha male, but still his mother’s little darling. And still the best Halloween present a gal could ask for.  And because I got such a good present for Halloween, I’m gonna share one with you as well – as part of the Fatal Foodies Halloween Trick-or-Treat event, if you leave a comment at my blog from today through November 8th, you will be entered to win a copy of Murder for Hire: The Peruvian Pigeon.  Be sure to go to Fatal Foodies as well as other members are doing the same thing!  You’ll find links to their blogs at Fatal Foodies, which is a very cool blog all on its own!  Also be sure to go to my friend Marvin’s blog and check out his Halloween story, based on five silly elements I gave him.  I’ll let you go over there to check out what I did to him.  Heh.  AND check out Make Mine Mystery for Free for all Friday fun!

Happy Halloween from me and Beezle! 

18 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Sounds like a great evening ahead for you. I’ll be on the front porch accompanied by a well lit “ghost train” (showing little ghosties riding a slide from a skull’s mouth) as a additional treat to greet the wandering goblins along with the official treats. Later we’ll be watching the Live investigatiion of Fort Delaware on Sci-Fi. (Ghost Hunters is perhaps the only decent show on that dung beetle of a channel. Aside, maybe, from Dr. Who.)
    Happy you syrvived the week–and I trust the little ones survived as well. We used to have a laid-back orange tabby named Cincinnatus who became our official “Pumpkin Kitty”. We miss him still but I’m sure his ghoatly presence will be here to greet the little revenants in his own quiet fashion, 🙂
    Happy hauntings. LOL.

  2. happy halloween. We have a handful of trick or treaters, all local kids which is nice, but the UK doesn’t really bother with the festival much, which is a shame.

  3. Sounds like a great evening! We live back in the woods, and I’d be scared of anybody who ventured back here to knock on the door! We might get a grandson or two, though. Happy Halloween! Boo!

  4. Happy Halloween, All! Jack, I must confess I hate Ghost Hunters ’cause it’s just SO fake to me when they’re constantly going ‘what was that? Did you hear something? Oh, my god…’ Unless I have this confused with another show… Now if it were ZOMBIE Hunters… heh.

    Adele, that is a shame. Every country needs Halloween! I do love it so…

    Lisa…not even a party? Out for drinks? I think you’re safe from trick’or’treaters at your place, though.

    Marian, I think I’d be a tad suspicious of anyone making their way through woods, but I do hope your grandsons show up in costume!

  5. I love seeing trick-or-treaters; but, like OtherLisa, I hope we don’t have too many. I’ve already scarfed down some mini candy bars. Now if we have just enough treaters to finish off what we have while I can still fit in my clothes without having to go out and buy more candy…. 🙂 Happy Halloween!!!

  6. What’s Halloween like where it’s warm and sunny? It turned DARK and gray here today, right on cue… heh heh heh. The little beasties will be mine!

    My kitties are threatening to attack every child below age 18. I’m hoping I can buy them off with Whisker Lickin’s!


  7. Candy has been distributed, fajitas have been eaten, wine has been drunk and life is good. I hope everyone has been having as lovely a night as i have.

  8. Halloween in Georgia is downright warmish and the Zombies are prowling everywhere but my house. I think my jack-o-lantern is entirely too friendly. And I think you Fatal Foodie gals came up with a great idea. I mean, who can resist a Peruvian Pigeon????

  9. I second the motion on missing little trick-or-treaters on my front doorstep. We live in the country so we rarely get one anymore. We buy the candy and wind up eating it ourselves. (Not good for the waistline). I hope everyone has a wonderful evening with the small ghosts and goblins.

  10. I do my annual, turn off the porch-lights, hide-in-house thingy. But I’ve gotten even more paranoid lately: I park my car so it blocks my back porch steps, thus giving the impression that No One is welcome. In honor of the ‘We’en, I was planning to read the latest Kat Richardson book (Underground…that’s your fault by the way. You’re like my personal concierge. Book suggestions, wine suggestions, etc.) But I’ve decided to keep the indoor lights off too. I vant to be alone. (So, I guess I’m kinda going as “Garbo”–in spirit–this Hallowed Eve.)
    I’m rambling–I never said I was rational–I’ll go away now.

  11. Well, since I became a Non-Working American, I realize that I like spending a lot of time alone. I socialize a few nights a week and that’s plenty for me. Tomorrow is a social day, for example. I also have discovered that I don’t like having things I have to go do according to a schedule very much. A couple a week is enough.

  12. My kitty loved Trick or Treat – this is my first year without her in seventeen years! I miss her, and tried to fill the void with mini-Snickers. Now I’m not only missing my cat, I’m sick of candy! Happy Halloween Dana

  13. Welll, we only had one group of three trick-or-treaters – teenagers, but at least they had costumes, were nice and got a kick out of my skull candy bowl, which (when you press its nose) sends out a skeletal hand to attack anyone reaching for candy. It was a good Halloween regardless!

    OL, I very much enjoy my down time with no people around too…especially after working all week, but I do miss the little kids on Halloween.

    Evil Willow, I’m happy to be your personal concierge! I hope you like UNDERGROUND when you de-Garbo-ize enough to turn those lights back on.

    Donis, I’m sorry to hear about your kitty…I can empathize a lot on that one…except hte sick of candy part – I kept my candy consumption way down because I’ve been getting headaches.

    Cath, glad you liked our Fatal Foodies idea! It was Gayle’s, so hats off to Gayle!

    Jean, thank you for stopping by and I hope you got at least one batch of ghosts or goblins….

    Dave, did your cats score any trick or treaters?

    Marvin, Happy Halloween!!!

  14. Hi Dana, Glad to you hear you love Halloween as much as my family does. We don’t get many trick or treaters either. Kind of sad. Still decorating and dressing up for parties is a fun highlight for the holiday. Take care! Pam

  15. Pam, I so agree with you. I guess as long as the spirit of Halloween is kept alive, that’s the point. But…I miss the trick’or’treaters.

    Thank you, Morgan. He is Momma’s little angel…

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