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Next week is going to be a bit intense at my day job – overtime will be the norm, not the exception for at least three days.  One day will be 8am to 8pm, then the next will be 6am till 8pm, then up to be at work by 7am the following day.  I will be spending one night at a hotel up the street from work to save the commute time.  This weekend was supposed to be an intensive writing weekend, but today has been so far spent at the vet’s with three sick kittens, one in critical condition.  We’re hoping the little guy will pull through, but it’s time intensive.  We’re also bottle feeding one of the other babies ’cause his nose was so stuffed up he couldn’t find his mom’s milk dispenser via smell.

So I’m taking a break next week from blogging other than my Monday post at Fatal Foodies and a short post at my new group blog Make Mine Mystery, started by Morgan Mandal.  I post at Fatal Foodies every Mondayand will be posting at Make Mine Mystery every 1st and third Sunday (tbc).  Look for the Den to be back in action next weekend!

Note:  Since writing this, we lost our little sick boy…  he fought a brave fight, but his lungs weren’t strong enough and he slipped away in his sleep a while ago.  I can definitively say I lack the necessary detachment to be a truly effective foster parent.  This just hurts so badly…

13 thoughts on “Next Week

  1. We hope the badly sick baby comes through okay. As for the work intensive days—I remember those all too well. (Back before I had to retire.) Hope the entire week flashes by as these messes seem to do. Will be checking the alternate blogs and looking forward to the Den’s return next weekend. LOL

  2. It does hurt badly. I still remember how we felt when we lost Precious. The hurt lasts for a while and there is no real consolation. Anyway we know what you are feeling and send you all our best. LOL

  3. Thanks, MM. And I really am looking forward to your Halloween story.

    And thank you, Jack – the other three seem to be okay…I was so afraid one would be gone when we checked this morning, but they were all curled up with Momcat…

    Thanks, Adele – it sucks about as much as anything I know, even when we’re just fostering them…

  4. That’s what the gal who we’re fostering for said, Red…and it made me feel better then too. I’ve just been told before that you need to stay detached to be a good foster and that just ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime…

  5. Dana, if you were detached you wouldn’t be fostering in the first place.
    Best wishes for recovery of the others.

  6. So sorry about your loss Dana.

    I totally understand your taking a break from blogging. I think I may have to do that as well. I’ve got to buckle down and tune out the world in order to get this book turned in on time.

  7. I’m so sorry the baby didn’t make it. I’ll be sending healing love & prayers to the other 2 & you of course. Take care.

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