Gearing up for the Great Blog Book Tour of 2008!

Dang me, this blog book tour thing is a lot of work!  I was told by the Yoda of (that would be Dani) that I need to put a sitemeter on my blog.  The secret of adding this sitemeter is hidden somewhere in my WordPress dashboard, possibily under ‘widgets.’   I have gone my entire life without the need for widgets (which rhymes with ‘midgets’, ‘fidgets’ and ‘gidgets’, doncha know…) and suddenly I’m forced to explore this strange new world of cyberstuff.



5 thoughts on “Gearing up for the Great Blog Book Tour of 2008!

  1. No, Mr. Fab, Dani does NOT look like Yoda. At least, I don’t think she does. Dani, look like Yoda you do not, right?

    Nessa, may I be a POSITIVE life lesson! And thank you again for particpating!!

  2. Sitting here at my desk at work, trying really hard not to giggle out loud.
    Just finished Chapter 1 after picking up my special order copy of MFH from Barnes and Noble on my lunch hour. This is going to be fun! – and unfortunately, I’ll finish it too fast, I can tell that already. Oh well, back to work – I’m 20 minutes over as it is…how long ’til break time?

  3. Whoo hoo! Special order copy – thank you, Peggy! That rocks! Glad you’re enjoying it…make sure you get some chocolate chip cookies!

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