Hanging Out with MeanKitty

Every once in a while I stumble across a blog or website that might have been made just for me.  HomepageoftheDead is one of them.  Writer&Cat (also known as Mean Kitty and Writing Slave) is another.  The link above is to my interview conducted by Mean Kitty… or is that Meankitty? Must find out her proper spelling… but do check out the other interviews and the rest of the website.  Those of us who have cats truly relate to the moniker ‘Typing Slave.’ 

3 thoughts on “Hanging Out with MeanKitty

  1. love the interview! and very entertaining websites as well.

    my cat hates the laptops – she sits & frowns & yells at us when they’re in use, then wedges her way onto the lap, between user & keyboard. then she purrs, so it’s not like i have any willpower to make her get down… 😉

  2. Heya, Sheina! I love that website… the whole typing slave thing cracks me up…

    Your cat probably views the laptop as some weird form of rival feline. 🙂

  3. Loved hanging out here with you. (Hanging out with you and Dave would be fun anywhere.)
    Chula, our little natural mink Tonk is jealous of EVERYTHING as far as Sue, his mommy, is concerned. Other cats definitely need to beware of the Chula monster. (He tolerates me because I make over him too. And possibly because Sue gives him her full attention, even when I’m around.
    (Wouldn’t have it any other way either.) 🙂

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