Sunny Monday

It’s GORGEOUS outside today.  Sunny, warm and quite Southern Californian in its balmy breeze.  Definitely a change from San Francisco’s usual June Gloom and fog shrouded hills.  Not that I’m complaining about the fog.  It is one of the reasons I moved up here.  But I do admit a little sun now and again is welcome.  It’s nice to get some color and remember what it was like when I had my perpetual golden tan.  Ah, the blissful ignorance of youth…

I had a great weekend.  Twilight Tour at EFBC/FCC (to read more about it, go here for my post at Fatal Foodies); wine and snackage (Seeduction bread, olive oil, uber rich cheese and wine) with my sister; a gorgeous drive back up the coast early Sunday morning; and then a full afternoon at home, including beach walkies, writing and getting the laundry done.  I honestly can’t (and won’t) complain!  

Ooh, and thanks to my relentless walking and new love affair with my pedometer (I’m average 12,000 steps a day), I have lost enough weight to fit into some really nice summer pants my sister gave me.  And…yes…I do believe…yes, my waist is slowly but surely returning!  

I am in a very good mood, especially for a Monday. 

9 thoughts on “Sunny Monday

  1. WOOT!!!
    It’s a sauna down here in Louisville, KY! Happy you’re getting the best of the summer weather. I think we should call you the new “Frisco Kid”. (Absolutely the best western film I’ve ever seen. Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford were soooo good together!)
    Hope the beautiful weather continues for you for awhile.
    (Btw, congrats on recovering your youthful waistline. Bet at your worst you still looked better than most of your contemporaries.) LOL. 😉

  2. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
    FF won’t let me post. Don’t know what the problem is. (I tried it twice and came up zip!)
    Just wanted to say I loved the pic of the climbing Chinese leopard. Had to save it among my special pics. I’va captioned it: “Kitty On My Shoulder”. Thanks for sharing this with us. May happy days fall upon you like nourishing rain. LOL.:-D

  3. Heh. We just saw Frisco Kid when last in San Diego, Jack. That’s one of my stepdad’s favorite movies. and thank you for the compliment! I love the leopard picture too… Oh, how I miss regular time at the compound!!!

    Marvin, I’m sorry Google screwed you by labeling you a spammer! Anyway to fight that? That sucks!!!

    Hi, baby! xoxoxo

  4. Great that you are getting some good weather there. And how incredible that you are still able to visit and interact with the wonderful wild cats at EFBC. Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

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