5 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner Captain Kirk at Pens Fatales

  1. PW also has to have the longest, most boring car chase of any film I’ve seen. But your inner Kirk/Frankenfurter was RIGHT ON!
    I also liked the lightsabers which could be used as standard swords or could fire disintigrating beams at your opponents. (Alas, poor father. I knew him well….) Not sure about the effect of the white hot spoon, except that poor Mark Pacific would never have been able to taste pizza again.
    Great post, Dana! LOL. 😀

  2. Weird website. It told me it couldn’t post my comment, then did so anyway. That’s why you got a comment here as well, ’cause I didn’t think you’d see it there. Sorry again for the duplicate and the confusion.LOL 😉
    No I did’nt drink up for the occasion but enjoyed watching you chew the scenery anyway. You brought the only real class to the thing.

  3. Oh I just discovered Swoops’ bloggie through another website and now I come here and realize he lives right opposite your office building!! How incredible.. Congrats on saving that seal lion pup. Laser points and kitties indeed are eternal enemies!! Besides they provide good exercise for cats. I sure do hope to visit EFBC someday. Thanks alot for introducing me to it. Take care and have a great week. Pens Fatales looks to be a great place to hang out!!

  4. Hey, Adele, Jack and Ailu (short for Ailurophile, of course!), thanks for visiting Pens Fatales and here as well!

    Swoops has now calmed down a bit as his babies are up and running (or flying) on their own. So not as much activity. We miss it, but are happy that the babies made it!

    Chew scenery…moi?

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