Short hair and a jumpsuit do not a tough spacer chick make

For reasons still unclear, even to myself, I’m watching ALIEN RESURRECTION, the fourth in the ALIEN series. You know, the one AFTER the movie where Ripley falls to a fiery death with her arms outstretched in classic Jesus Crucified pose while alien baby bursts out of her chest. David Fincher’s dark, nihilistic, irritating and ultimately dull film, however, at least did not have seal-eyed Winona Ryder trying to portray a tough mercenary spacer gal.  I hate this movie.  Even the presence of Signourney Weaver (whom I worship as a goddess) as a semi-psychotic alien-woman mutant (half woman, half alien, half alligator!) in leather, looking as sexy and tough as any woman can look, did not save this movie for me.  And when Ripley gets teary-eyed over her alien baby…fer crissake, woman, it’s not like it’s a kitten!

I do this to myself a lot, though.  Watch movies that probably melt sections of my brain.  It’s  a disease.

5 thoughts on “Short hair and a jumpsuit do not a tough spacer chick make

  1. I like Science fiction. But the “Alien” franchise is one group of Sci-fi films that I generally dislike. It is basically a slasher film set in space and I really don’t like those either. But hey, more power to you for trying to sit through it again.

  2. Can’t agree that the first two are anything like slasher films set in space. ALIEN was a true horror movie, while ALIENS was action adventure, both with well developed characters and good writing. The two after that? Feh. I’m not sure what masochistic urge made me watch Four again.

  3. Winona Ryder can ruin anything. I’m with you about ALIEN and ALIENS. Both excellent films of different genres, but better left unsequeled.

  4. I love blogs like this one. You are 100% on point. Do I detect the least bit of sarcasm in your writing (re: Short hair and a jumpsuit do not a tough spacer chick make)? Keep up the good work, I was looking around for information about 2007 Hair Short Style when I say a link to here.

  5. Your words ring with truth, oh Redzilla! Let’s just talk about Francis Ford C’s Dracula… or not.

    I LOVE the fact that Hair Short Style found me by looking for things on short hair styles. That is about as uniquely random as it can get! And yes… er…your sarcasm meter is accurate.

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