Ravenous Romance Day at Un:Bound with Amber Austin

Yes, it’s another Wednesday over at Un:Bound.  Our guest author today is Amber Austin, author of TAROTICA, one woman’s sexy journey through the Major Arcana.  It sizzles, it seethes and it’s a hell of a lot of fun!  Today Amber (who also writes under the name Skye Alexander) is discussing the importance of writing and reading during a lousy economy.  Please head on over and join the talk!   As per usual, I am hosting under my other identity, Inara LaVey.  

6 thoughts on “Ravenous Romance Day at Un:Bound with Amber Austin

  1. Amber is dead right. You are the best. What’s the name of that splendid Argentine beverage?
    Amber, thank you for sharing with us. Best to you in all you ever undertake.
    Hope there are more smiles and laughs in the future, D. 🙂

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