Feline Fun

Lounge FelineInsulated FelineTsavo, finding a way to beat the San Francisco summer heat.  

Lounge FelineSunbear finds Foster an amiable lounge chair.  Both think Dave is ideal for a pillow.

Gray Poupon (now Tut) & Nefertiti

 Gray Poupon (now Tut) and Nefertiti, about to go to their new home with Momma Ona.  

14 thoughts on “Feline Fun

  1. Sunbear. That’s a new one for me. I remember Foster and Tsavo. When did Sunbear arrive? How’s Beezle? Is he the most senior of the horde now?

  2. Sigh. Vootie died before I moved up here. All of the cats got a bad URI and it triggered kidney failure. It was horrible.

    Beezle is doing well – 14 and still king of the house.

    Sunbear arrived this year – a rescue/foster that ended up sneaking into my heart. He’s SO good!

  3. Tsavo reminds me of Cincinnatus, our beautiful orange tabby of years ago.
    You just seem to attract some beautiful felines. LOL. 🙂

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