Link originally posted at the Paper Tiger (giving credit where it’s due!) this is the best post on writing a novel EVER.  It made me laugh and I haven’t been laughing a lot lately!

5 thoughts on “HAHAHAH!!!!

  1. 1st completion- “It’s perfect!”
    1st re-write-“God! This is awful!”
    2nd re-write-WTF????
    3rd re-write- (trashes manuscript, jumps up and down on writer..perhaps trashes LCD)
    many re-writes afterward- frazzeled, disheveled, perhaps insane.
    completion-would be writer lies supine on floor. A lilie on the breast is optional.
    Many many weeks of recoveryCouldn’t help but add a bit of my own experience here. This is why I am not a writer.
    Your ability to endure this over and over again means that you and Libba are.
    I agree with Adele. Don’t either of you dare stop! LOL. 🙂

  2. Boy, I’m behind on my comments! BAD Dana! MOrgan, why DO we do it to ourselves? I can’t even answer that right now because it sure hasn’t been any fun lately… Which is one of the reasons I’m not laughing a lot, MM…

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