Four and a Half Cherries, with Whipped Cream on Top!

Ripping the Bodice just got an awesome review from Whipped Cream Reviews and Dana/Inara is happy dancing again.  Time for Angry Torso Man to ‘glare’ at you (his nipples are really eyes, see, and he’s glaring with them) again!  

Here’s a teaser…

Ripping the Bodice is clever and witty in its use of the romance genre to explore how too much of a good thing can twist a woman’s expectations, landing her in hilarious hot water.

 Please read the rest and leave a comment on the review site if you have a sec!  And thank you, to the lovely  Xeranthemum, for her more than kind words about my writing!  

6 thoughts on “Four and a Half Cherries, with Whipped Cream on Top!

  1. Sequal? Hell yes! Keep ’em coming. You could write and publish a successful grocery list. You’re that good! ‘Course i’m going to expect great things from the armaggeddon tale to come. Not worried though because I love to read your stuff. LOL. 🙂

  2. awww, Jack, you’re so sweet! I can’t wait to get cracking on that one!

    MOrgan, but what if their faces are…like…butt ugly? 🙂

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