News of the Week

The exciting news for the weekend was Dave’s and my part in rescuing a seal lion pup, now recuperating at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.  For two more in-depth tellings of the tale, go here and here.

We have discovered the joys of laser pointer and felines.  Heeeeee!!!!!   Not our cats in the photo, btw, but pictures WILL be forthcoming…  I have six of ’em going at once.

Tomorrow is Ravenous Romance day on UNBOUND, so please be prepared for yet more reminders and come join the Unbound crew and Keta Diablo, author of Ravenous historical romance LAND OF THE FALLING STARS!

10 thoughts on “News of the Week

  1. Cute little fellow! I just wonder what you were supposed to do if the pup hadn’t been able to drag itself up? Allow the tide to sweep it out to sea? It doesn’t compute. It’s certainly a good thing for that seal pup that you DIDN’T know what you weren’t supposed to do.
    Kittens and red laser beams? Hah!!! We know all about that. More fun than a….hell, than a whole barrel of kitties. (Our place resembles a six ring circus with all six rings in full operation.)
    Finally! Another guest post in UNBOUND! I will BE there. With bells on.
    LOL. 😀

  2. I’m not sure what’s up with MIT. I have two minutes until the place opens and am calling right away as soon as it’s 9:00. I’m worried sick now…

  3. Oh Dana……
    I’m so sorry to hear about MIT. But you both dd the best you could have done. I know that no one could have done better. My tears mingle with yours. LOL.

  4. Thanks, Sheina. Both Dave and I are pretty wrecked about it. No way to process this kind of…well, not really abstract grief, but definitely not something a lot of people understand. It’s very easy for me to invest my emotions in animals in a rescue/foster situation no matter how short the time is.

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