Another Day, Another Muni Ride, Another Tag


One of my favorite things in the world is stepping off the down escalator at the Muni station and seeing an L train pull up to greet me. Yes, in my Danacentric world the L train is there just for me and the serendipitous timing occurs to make my day a happier one.  It always makes me smile, no matter how crabby I am.  Cheers me right up.  So my Monday workday has ended on a good note ’cause I just strolled onto my train (yes, MY train) and got my favorite seat without waiting or jockeying for position. If you think little old ladies in grocery stores are scary, wait till you’ve experienced a gaggle of Cantonese grandmas, all determined to board ahead of you even if you were the first in line. I’ll give up my seat to someone who needs it, but don’t shove me in line, fer crissake!

So. Monday so far is a good day. Several irritating financial issues have been resolved favorably. I made it through work on the first day of a detox program without attacking a co-worker for their food or snapping at anyone.  I’m going home to exercise, make a yummy detox approved dinner (tilapia, roasted potatoes and green beans) and then work on CHAMPAGNE.  What’s not to be happy about?

Tomorrow I start answering six writer/book related things about myself you might not know about.  Oh heck, I’ll give you one right now:

The first book I remember making an impression on me and started me on my path as an avid reader is THE SILVER CHAIR by C.S. Lewis.  I hadn’t a clue about the Christian subtext, btw.  I liked it ’cause it had the doorway to another world thing going for it and giants who wanted to eat the hero and heroine.  Evil witches, enchanted princes, and a giant lion.  I was totally into it.

I read the rest of the series in short order and then discovered Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain series (The Black Cauldron, for example), E. Nesbit’s works (5 Children and It and the Enchanted Castle, for example), the Oz books…the Point Loma public library was my favorite place in the world.

I was tagged, btw, by that Devil Woman Morgan Mandel!  I’m holding off tagging till tomorrow.  I am officially stymied on who to tag who won’t kill me.

8 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Muni Ride, Another Tag

  1. So why shouldn’t that L train pull in at that time just for you? You obviously willed it to be there just when you were ready to board. Good thinking. Wish I could control busses that way.
    First books I ever read were Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, and Robin Hood in Henry Gilbert’s rendition. (Gilbert is still the best: gets into the grittiness of feudal England, especially the horrific ways in which the Norman lords treated the serfs. He’s also great describing an English forest in high summer. You really FEEL the freedom of the greenwoods.)

  2. The first books I remember reading were the Bobbsey Twin books, handed down to me by my older sister.

    Fantasy books are still the ones that catch the imagination of kids today.

    And I am impressed with your ability to manipulate the trains. I’m working on controlling red lights.

  3. Jack, your faith in my powers is very touching and encouraging. I will continue to mold the world into MY vision. BWAHAHAAHAH!!!!!

    Helen, if you can manage red lights, we could join forces and rule the world…BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    Kat, I read LIttle Witch! And I don’t feel the need to Bwahahahahah! after that…

  4. One of the happiest days of my life was when the San Diego Public Library system lifted the limits on the number of books kids could check out. Do you remember? It went from 5 to unlimited. So it was all about how many books I could carry home.

  5. OH yes, I remember that. And I remember carrying piles of books out, with ones slipping off the top and trying to lug them home.

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