And the Winner of the Trick’or’Treat contest is…

Cathy Hall!  Congrats, Cath, and thank you for visiting Zhadi’s Den!

Other news, Dave and I had a very weird experience yesterday while doing our morning beach walk.  There was a dead body near the tide line and police were just starting to cordon off the area with the ubiquitous yellow crime scene tape when we reached that spot on Ocean Beach (in between Noriega and Lawton, for those familiar with the beach and the Outer Sunset).  Men in white short sleeve dress shirts and kits were there.  If I watched more shows like CSI I would probably know if they were forensics or detectives, but either way, it was just very weird and disturbing.  The body was an older male and lay on his back as if he’d fallen asleep, arms crossed on his chest.  Sort of curled up like a kitten.  He didn’t look as though he’d drowned…didn’t look as though he’d seen something horrible before dying. But he was definitely dead.

We walked on, talked about something totally unrelated in the next 10 minutes…then when we walked back, they were zipping him into a body bag.   I felt sad and odd.  I mean, here we were going about our normal routine and here was someone else who was done with his routine, whatever it might have been.    I’ve only seen one other dead body before; my much loved father-in-law, and this was after he’d been prepared for the viewing at the funeral home.  I grieved for him in an uncomplicated way; this was someone I’d known and loved and would miss.  The guy on the beach? I didn’t know him, he had nothing to do with my life.  But on the other hand, he was another human being and it was over for him.  I still don’t really have the right words to describe how I feel about this.

5 thoughts on “And the Winner of the Trick’or’Treat contest is…

  1. I don’t think anyone ever does in such a circumstance. Seeing death relatively close up that way has to be a haunting experience for we who aren’t involved in the police/forensic field. And I think it should be. It is a reminder that we should enjoy to the full the life we possess because it can end at any time. If “a life lived in fear is a life half lived”, an unappreciated life is one that is truly wasted.
    Keep truckin’ as best you are able. There’s still a lot of life for you to enjoy.

  2. At the risk of spouting cliches…I’d say it’s a reminder of how fragile and arbitrary our own continued existences are. And so very final.

  3. Jack, I couldn’t agree more. I really do try to live my life not half lived…or wasted. So onward I shall truck. I can’t imagine living in conditions where you’re desensitized to death. Gotta be soul crushing.

    OL, cliches exist for a reason… they usually are apropos in many occasions.

    Thanks, MM…

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