I raised this cat…

Ned picking out the wineYou can tell ’cause he’s picking out the wine.

This is Ned, the cat formerly known as Wookie.  He is Haggis’s and Taz’s brother.  If you go on my website and look at the picture under ‘drop me a line,’ you’ll see Ned with Taz and Angel (now called River after the cute but crazy gal on FIREFLY) helping me edit my book. Ned went to live with our friend Matt, proud father of Mitch, another plumpalicious black feline.  The two of them became best buddies (or domestic partners, as Matt calls them) and it’s now difficult to tell them apart.

This is the upside of fostering.

The downside is when you lose them.  The kittens and Mom Cat we’re fostering now came to us with upper respiratory problems and eye infections, compromised immune systems.  We lost little Gabriel a couple weeks ago to pneumonia…and last night we lost Gorilla, the little tortie, to the same thing.  Matt sent me pictures of Ned to cheer me up, reminding me that a lot of the times the fostering story has a happy ending.  He’s right.  This is why we keep doing it despite the heartache.

But I am officially ready for Bastet to stop repossessing her children before their time.

7 thoughts on “I raised this cat…

  1. Agreed on Bastet repossessing the babies.

    Matt is right – you’ve given happy lives to many kitties, and I so very much admire you for doing it.

  2. *grins* our River was named for the same reason, I love Wookie as a name. We think we should have called our babies Moose and Squirrel due to their comparative sizes and personalities.

    Sorry to hear another baby didn’t make it.

  3. Great shots, Zeez. And of course, any cat of yours would be drawn to the wine rack, right? lol. I’ve always loved cats, and especially drawn to black cats. Dunno why. Calicos are my next favorite.

    As always, I enjoyed your life musings, your entertaining snippets of the days in the life of Zany Zhadi. (smile)

  4. Thanks, all! I have to say, seeing the pictures of Ned with Mitch did cheer me up ’cause they are so happy together…

    I’ve always loved the black cats too, MM, and my first three were all black. Now I have three black, 3 ‘cow kitties’, one penguin, one orange, one silver tabby and one gorgeous long-haired brown tabby.

  5. Great photos. It’s hard to lose an animal you love. I think it happens because there are so many more that need love also.

    Rascal’s our 4th dog. We loved all the ones before her: Sadie, Missy, and Morgan (I chose my pen name after her)
    They all have a special place in our hearts.

    Morgan Mandel

  6. Morgan, my screenname Zhadi is after my first cat. It’s actually on my website at the ‘Her Two Cents intro page along with a picture of the fat little girl… my cat. Not me. 🙂 I like to think there’s some reason for losing them, but dang me, it’s never easy.

    Marvin, I still owe you a copy of MFH!

  7. Guess Bastet has her own ideas. There should be some kind of placating ritual (involving mice, maybe?) which might get her off your back. 😉
    Alas I’m not an Egyptologist so I can’t help you out here. I never heard that the Gods of Egypt were that interested in our welfare anyway.
    I am sorry to hear you lost another baby. We’ll keep you all in mind and heart. LOL.

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